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SUN day

The rain finally subsided. It's been days.

I spent some time finishing up some mending that I probably started a year ago.  I have no pants left to wear, holes are not good,  it is a mosquito party right now.


As you can see, light.  I am going to cover/ wrap really,  these chairs,  with some old clothwork.  The man made this table base years ago, it has wheels on the legs.  The glass came from some old table in his nyc apt.  We painted half the ceiling,  to the left of this area.  Will try to finish up by tomorrow before the 90 degrees plus weather moves in.  And really, I think we are done spending money now.  We have to be. This is good.  This is the round table I will work on, for the Grow cloth. And we will eat here.  There is enough light to start seeds and even grow greens.  It is okSoul-o has his own chair on the other side and we will move the sleeper couch in against the back wall, looking out, after painting is done.

Needing some time, to clean up the garden after the storms  and set my head on straight.  Be back Tuesday.


  1. Wendy

    You have such a lovely space now. Such a peaceful calming area to have. I could curl up with a good book or stitch for hours out there. Enjoy!

  2. covering the chairs is a great idea … the patchier the better, with lots of future opportunities for mending (which has become my favorite thing to do of late)

    • jude

      I am going to wrap them in big wide strips of cloth sewn together from the Pile of cloth in the basement. Easy to do, unwrap wash and redo. They will sun fade and the cat will scratch them and I can always use the cloth later for something else.

  3. deemallon

    It came out absolutely great! Question: does the table ever roll when you don’t want it to while you’re working?

    • jude

      got lots of mending to do. Nice to have a place that makes it more enjoyable, sewing in the sunlight is the best,

  4. Such a sense of calm here Jude! The green is amazing (your plants look great too – the avocado you planted, yes?)
    Love the mended pants (wish I still had the pair I had mended all those years back)…have a ‘thing’ for glass doorknobs forever…I don’t know what West Coast Becky is on, but we are Brown and dry as a bone here! Your green really is uplifting.
    Relax and enjoy!

  5. sharon

    it’s so. so. soooooo lovely, jude… lofty. light-filled. liminal. cushy, clothwork chairs. picturing a loom crafted of tree branches hanging from the rafters… ohhh, a woven hammock, perhaps… bliss.

  6. Becky

    Unseasonably wet here on the west coast, too. Good prep for fire season. I would love to sit in your screened room…beautiful and I can imagine the covered chairs and Soul-O.

  7. Joan Hinchcliff

    What a calming wonderful space! From this view it looks like you are up there in the trees flying high and free. I imagine so much more stitching beauty and wonder under your hands here.

  8. jeri

    I love the chairs. In my new house I will have chairs like these. They are so comfy to sit on and I love the idea of covering them with your clothwork. I’ve looked at so many houses the last few months, the upside is the ideas you get from them about how one might use a home. One house in particular had 4 chairs around a table, but the table was low, like a coffee table and it looked so inviting, maybe even put your feet on it while sipping some tea and stitching… Oh to dream.
    You have made quite a nice place for yourself on that porch, I’m sure will enjoy it out there.
    Enjoy your day off!

    • jude

      this one is lower than a normal table and we cut off the chair legs as well, the table was made lower so we could look over it, part of the room configuration at the old place. Makes me feel taller too, ha!

  9. Jana

    Lovely. Full of peace. What a splendid place to stitch and contemplate and share meals. I know Soul-O is delighted, too.

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