jude hill spirit cloth

Amost June, on the porch

Being outside, I love how light becomes so much of a component of working,  and looking, and thought catching.  Later in the day the thinness and the sun's movement revealed the 9.

Coming out of a bit of disagreement, we discussed partnership.

It is very hot.

a little thought catching in the zone


  1. Peggy McG

    So with you on the heat and humidity.. turns me into a Beast that starts with a Capital B also! I am a fan of Partnership and also a fan of Fans!!

  2. Wendy

    Those avocado trees are wonderful! I have tried many times to grow one and they do fine until the winter months. How do you water and keep them going in the winter months? I so want to grow my own avocado tree. Love the togetherness of the foot shot.

      • Wendy

        I am going to try it again with two seeds I have here. And will make sure they have plenty of water and sunshine in the winter months as well. Thank you for the info.

  3. Marilee

    I wish I had a porch like that. The minute the trees on our southwest side start to block the sun in the yard, the mosquitos come out. I love living next to a patch of woods, but Orgon humidity and the shady woods are an invitation to the little buggers, and they seem to find me quite tasty.

  4. Jana

    That photo of resting legs after “a bit of a disagreement” would make a great cover for a novel on partnerships with just that title. Made me smile to see the juxtaposition. Heat is tough. I can barely think if I’m too hot.

  5. sharon

    a water fight with spritzer bottles works wonders. and frozen smoothies. those red floors intensify the greens beautifully.

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