jude hill spirit cloth

Yesterday was May

There was a bit of sweaty stitching yesterday.  It reached 94 here. This morning 57.

I didn't want to cover the original embroidery  so I worked the 2 points with threadDeb thread.  It was a slow challenge, I love this appearing and disappearing.  I used what I call the wrap stitch.

There is a lot of old cloth around here,  I have ideas.

I watched a squirrel friend fall prey to a fox friend.  There wasn't much else I could do.  But to witness.


  1. Wendy

    Your lovely threadwork makes the white pop out a bit. Hot here as well and the humidity is sweltering in the south. The circle of life in action. The fox is pretty though.

  2. Wow…such beautiful threads worked into the old white! Like me with the hawk and the songbird…even knowing it is a natural part of the lifecycles…it was very hard to see. sigh.

  3. Caro

    Its soothing to open your posts and find little lifestories and beautiful handwork.
    Feels like an adventcalendar forever……
    Thank you!

  4. I love how the triangles seem behind the original stitches. I saw that corner yesterday while I was catching up and appreciated you saving it. I didn’t notice your lines then, but this is so perfect.

    Foxes are what my son and I call puppy cats. They are such a mix of both in looks and action. (And I think I read somewhere there is a biological connection somewhere back in their evolution.) And foxes need to eat.

    We all need to eat. It used to bother me while watching nature shows that cats are nourished by meat. Then it dawned on me that that’s what dinner grace is for, recognizing that someone and/or something once alive was sacrificed for our nourishment. That makes it somewhat easier to accept, if not to watch.

  5. CJ

    I remember watching the donut mouth and loved its shape. I forgot the outlining part. So glad you have these to reshare, remind and let us re-witness.

  6. deemallon

    The play of the old raised stitch and the new strikes me as a kind of mapmaking.

    I’ve buried one dead bunny and one dead chipmunk out front under the hosta and some animal has come and dug them up??? It’s not the dog because he’s not off leash out front.

  7. Joan Hinchcliff

    Love this wrap stitch corner, it truly honors the vintage stitching letting it shine through!
    Thanks for the “Deb” link, I have never purchased any of her thread by I think the time is approaching.

    • jude

      Imagine. It was a process, it took a while. I was amazed. All the steps, even checking if any other beast was around to steal the kill.

  8. sharon

    to collaborate with other makers from the past, as well as the present. honoring their work… once found an intricate vintage cross-stitch in the thrift store that read, “no act of love, however small, is ever wasted”. it was valued at 40 cents. i took it home ‘n designed a wall-hanging of pieced hearts around it. a nice reminder as we wake up each morning.

  9. Paula

    How wonderful it was to open your blog this morning and discover your work! Gives a great start to my day! Thank for the lovely application of your skills and creation . . . .

  10. Velma Bolyard

    the stitching worked so well–beautiful! the fox, the squirrel, well, there’s no such thing as free lunch. everybody eats somebody. it’s all a beautiful circle.

  11. Deb

    Love those points upon the old cloth breathes new life into it with your stitching.
    I have taken to stitching out on my patio in the early morning to enjoy the birds at the feeders and while it’s too hot most days here in central Florida my presence does keep the stray cats from the birds while they dine.

    • jude

      Sometimes that happens with the squirrels here, I was just saying there are too many here, and now I feel so bad….

  12. Wanda Moon

    Your approach to this is stunning. Thank you for inspiring me to slow down, look deeply, and experiment. Trying to change my production mentality and savor each stitch……..

  13. Jana

    Witnessing is holy work … being present. To cloth and stitches, to prey and predator.

    I remember reading that before AC, people would hang damp sheets in doorways to cool the breezes that came through. Yesterday here in S.E. Tennessee was the first day it was too hot, too early and I didn’t get out to walk.

  14. Nancy

    Such rich colors in your work, Jude! Lovely little Fox. We have the Texas Gray Foxes here…for awhile they loved our Eastern Screeches. Did you know that foxes can climb trees up to 30 feet? Their claws, I believe, are retractable, like a cat’s. Keep an eye on Solo…

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