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Just a day

The ties, from the tarps over the round woodpiles last season.  The tarps were too big, so we gathered them up at the top, secured the gathers with some indigo scrapSun shibori I have called it.  There is more to say, but the man is not well today so I am just showing.  Washed and ironed, some too brittle to sew, but so beautifully weathered.

The lemon seeds had sprouted, so I planted them,  not enough light here indoors but let them grow for the summer. Maybe I will pot one up and give it to my son, he has a greenhouse style loft in Brooklyn.

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  1. Helen Lee

    Missed this one! Hope the Man is better.
    Those ties…💙💙💙💙
    I have a little tree that grew from a seed that had sprouted inside the lemon. I’d never seen that before.

  2. Jeri

    I’m a little late on commenting but I hope the man is feeling better.
    Also, love the weathered strips and even though you can’t stitch them (because they are fragile) you could always pull a Jude and lay something sheer over them, capturing them. Oh lovely.
    OR what springs yo my Mixed Media mind, glue them down to something else. They would not go to waste!
    Love to grow things from seed, so satisfying!

  3. Julie

    I grew lemon plants from pips gathered from lemon trees on Capri, while on holiday there a few years ago. Never thought they’d survive here in London, but they did. They live indoors in the winter, then have a stint outside in summer. You have far more sun than we do so I reckon your little plants will do ok.
    Hope the man feels better soon xx

  4. Wendy

    Hope the man feels better soon. Lovely little lemon trees. Those tarp ties are beautiful! Have a great rest of your day.

  5. Susana Gustafson Crowley

    Best wishes for the man. I just love being able to hear your thoughts about this and that. I love my son, too. Gentle. That was my first thought. Thank you, Jude, for sharing.

  6. I’ve always had lemons growing here because of our climate but I would think you could grow it in a pot there (many here do that but outside year round). Maybe put it on a wheeled base to more easily bring it into your new porch for winter. they can easily take cold down into the upper 30’s here when we occasionally get it.
    all my memorial covid death scraps tied in the yard have faded to near white from two years of sun.
    I’m happy for your spring!

  7. Marilee Reyes

    I like weathered fabric. I know it weakens the threads, but it’s still interesting. Little lemon trees. I’ll have to try that with my Meyer lemons. I planted three Honey Crisp apple seeds a month ago and now I have three little trees. In a few weeks I’ll transfer them to slightly larger pots and see what happens. I did allow them to dry first per instructions I had read somewhere. Did you dry the lemon seeds?

  8. Pam S.

    My son started growing a couple lemon seeds🌱🌱
    and the indigo strips in the photo to the right remind me of feathers💙
    Best Wishes to your man to get well soon 🌞

  9. Vi

    Strips are simply gorgeous…!. Hope each day brings more and more mending for your man.
    The lemon seed leaves look so vibrant and fresh!

  10. Mom grows a Meyer lemon outside during the summer and then brings it into a sun room during the winter. She gets occasional lemons. I would like to try that with a kumquat.

  11. Velma Bolyard

    my amish friends had two or three lemons growing from seed in pots, they almost always had one fresh lemon a month!

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