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“What are We Doing?” Wednesday

It’s a good question no matter who you are and what you think.

traces of self

This is she, from Magic Cloth 2, (most recently renamed to Spin)  but she, when I say she, that’s me. Here, inside out. But I will always recognize her.

I didn’t get to answering comments yesterday. I will.

will you grow?

I have a lot of indigo seeds here,  I planted some to see if they have what it takes.  Seeds will not always grow.

Anyway, if they are good, I will makes some available.

New post in the Zone today, the moon thingie, click it.


  1. Fumiko

    Are the seeds from your own plants? I wonder if they would like it here in Hawaii, where there are several varieties of indigo that are not very blue.
    If you make some available, I hope I will get to try them out.

    I have been reviewing your past vids and lessons, and finding in them tremendous inspiration and also solace. Your honesty has a power that cannot be overstated. I am grateful to you for that and so much more.

  2. Lois Bennett

    Oh Jude,
    I would love to try my hand at growing indigo !! If you decide to sell some seeds, please include me.
    Take care,

  3. Marti

    “What are we doing?” Certainly a question that could be asked of some of the gutless wonders, who sit on their hands and who masquerade as our Congressmen in light of yesterday…

    This is not a place for a long rant so I will simply say that besides sorrow, anger, and shattered hope, disgust fills the air…

    • jude

      so many seeds, geez… a lot reseeded by itself too. the bees love it so I am just scattering seed everywhere. I even just love the plant…

  4. Nancy

    I was just reading about growing indigo plants yesterday…was that you? I googled it and hope to try to grown them here, in Texas. The article said indigo needed heat. Well, there you go.

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