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Magic Cloth 2

Reaching Back a bit to go forward. I want to talk about drawing a bit, but yes, I have said so much about it before.

magic Cloth 2, temporarily without a name

I once called this cloth Magic Cloth 2.  But now, I let the name go, and it remains untitled.  I am reconsidering the cloth in the present and I will rename it. Maybe for now, I will go with SPIN.

As I said once, way back when, this is not really a wall cloth it's an up close cloth. I put it here because it is just another large cloth that begs for some attention. Folded up for so long there is a crease running through it.  I put it here also because it s a bigger  and more complex version of a Skitch Skatch Cloth, especially in it's later stages. And I thought it would be good as an example of how far you might push this process.

Sketch can happen in process, on any scale

This is a still from a video, from the Magic Diary Series #2.  Hosted way back in January of 2012.  Pitt Pen in hand,  this time brown, drawing the framework for another layer. Which is still waiting to be completed.  With patch or stitch or any combination that can work.


consider an old quilt as a base

Skitch Skatch is a good patching method.  Got some old thing around?

The angle of the sun has shifted

I think it's avocado pits and onion skins. a bit of iron water.  Yesterday it was yellow, today it is orange.

It's warmer.  Above freezing all night!  Still snow on the ground but vaporizing quickly. I have spring fever.  Which is a sudden feeling, not unlike reconsidering.  I am going to add more base cloth to the edges of SPIN.  So I can add more rings.  And as I recall, I probably have some old videos of Skitch Skatch here and there. Let me gather those in one place.  And there's always these old posts.  For History. It should be warm enough soon to begin filming in the basement and stop living in the past.  But then, oh, I may end up in the garden. Whatever, right?


  1. Yvonne Moxon

    Such a beautiful piece already , I like Spin.
    I have some avocado stones and skins saved in the freezer and would love to actually dye with them but in not sure what the best way to go about it. I will have to investigate.

  2. Carolyn

    The Australian poet Robert Adamson, rescued a Satin Bower bird. He calls him Spin – short for Spinoza. I feel as though if I look hard enough at your cloth I might find him there collecting all the bits of blue to trick out his bower.

  3. Sandra Mannen

    SPIN is fabulous! So many fascinating parts to gaze upon and study. Thanks so much for posting this. It is nice to have this vision spinning in my head while I go about the day. Love. The fabrics are so cool! The stitching gorgeous!

  4. Sharon Koch

    ooooh… ooooh….ooooooooooooooh…this piece feels like water to me. as tho a smooth stone were dropped into the middle of a crystal pool, enabling us to see to the very bottom with great clarity. i want to dive in.

  5. Lou

    I’ve let my eyes rove over Spin, walking its different paths. It’s like a journey through thoughts, fascinating. I keep going back and zooming in. Sunny here, no snow, green buds. A fresh start again.

  6. While I wait for my broken wrists to heal I am unable to stitch but your meanderings are an inspiration for my soul … a reminder that i can still dream and consider going and beginning again – Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Carla Heath

    Just curious how long do you leave the onion skins in the jar on the windowsill? I dye in the summer outside and after a few days they start to get moldy on top. Spin is absolutely beautiful. It sort of portrays what my mind feels like lately. lol

    • jude

      I cook the jars like preserves, they don’t get moldy really. I have to say tho, that i always open them too soon. Can never wait!
      It is a great goal of mine to have a cloth move me in the same way. A thought catcher.

  8. Jen NyBlom

    Ohhh MY! wish I could see “Spin” up CLOSE….sighhhh. 😀 <3 <3 <3 It looks very soft .
    It was very foggy this morn, and 62! CRAZY weather…a far cry from 1.5 wks ago , 42 for a high temp. Spring has Sprung! My heart is so uplifted, I can tell yours is too!

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