jude hill spirit cloth


This is a cloth now, an official large cloth. before, just a bunch of scraps sewn together, to store them. Way back, when Electric Jude was trying to be efficient.  No sewing machine here now. Although my brother has a treadle machine I will grab from his attic room one of these non pandemic days.

I will call her ROSE.  46″ square-ish, minus a bite that was taken out to use for a base for something else. There was a long dip in the walnut pot at one point.  I will continue and make a small quilt. Originally I thought curtain, but I don’t need a curtain and pink won’t fit here. I have some rosy velvet that will fit here, from Arlee.  I love her warm colors, especially her velvets.  I will add her to the resource page as soon as I get a minute.

Yesterday, I thought, I am experiencing so many issues here. I hope I can continue.  Is it a sign? I don’t believe in signs. Pay attention I say to myself. It’s all new and you are not that old. 

It’s my fault really, for making things too complicated.  I am trying a new editor here so nothing fancy, my last draft did strange things.  Hope it goes ok. Let me test the audio.

I guess it’s best to think of life as a never ending experiment to determine what’s important.  AKA what works. I feel better having said that.

Suddenly, as I close this post, I see this patchwork, with it’s lines and spaces, as a sketch.  Do I have a new word then too?  Dye over a sketch… Skye? Skitch Skatch Skeave Skye? I’m just keeping myself from going crazy.  After all these years. 

Have a good weekend.


  1. Patricia

    “I guess it’s best to think of life as a never ending experiment to determine what’s important.”, I agree! Pink is not my favorite color, but this mix is quite soft and peaceful.

  2. Jen NyBlom

    what I love about this base is that it was not intended…I love that. (& the old english garden feel of it, those shades/color)

  3. Sharon Koch

    would love to see a video of you sewing with a treadle machine. i remember my grandmother’s. that back ‘n forth rhythm… this piece feels like a rose garden, with overgrown pathways and hiding places.

    • jude

      I’ve actually never used one. I had an old Sears portable electric machine leftover from high school days when I used to make a lot of my own clothes.

  4. This walnut pink is very soft and relaxed. I like it. It’s not obnoxious. I like the piece missing too, part of the story. Who says it has to be perfectly square? Perhaps a lovely baby quilt becoming.
    “Even less becomes more as I age”…says so much to me, speaks to me. Even with all of my cleaning out over the past 10 years…there’s always more and more I don’t need! Never-ending so it seems.

  5. snicklefritzin43

    Always when “digging” through my storage boxes looking for something I discover lost bits of creativity. These shades of rose give my eyes a soft, comfortable look at the coming spring with hope for more rose to be alive for us all.

  6. Joanne in Maine

    I wander in the sewing room and stacks of cloth catch at my clothing. Some tumbling down. Perhaps wanting attention. Wanting to ‘become something”. My computer is tired and wanting to give out. die. I have to move on to something new and I am so NOT wanting to do that. But why not scoop up a handful of cloth and make a patched cloth instead? to calm and sooth my worries. Thank you for being here.

  7. deemallon

    This week I looked in my drawer and thought, “I have too many pink shirts!” I don’t even know how that happened. Technology is a tool and we use it, yes? But for me it often feels like a burden.

  8. Srivandana

    We are getting old and muddly, stitches become muddly and names become muddly skitch, skatch, skeave, skye – muddly words that MEAN something and something valuable to boot!

  9. i love the colors and I love the missing piece absconded with for something else. In case you believe, full moon this past week – some people (me) are a bit crazy behind this one. Hang in there. And thanks for all you do.

  10. I can never use a template without tweaking it somehow (just like recipes)

    and dusty roses take me back to the high desert in New Mexico … a very happy place in my heart

    • jude

      Leave it to me to choose a discontinued theme and then try to act smart with formating.
      This one seemed refreshing suddenly. Less intention and more about noticing.

      • I’m back, having just listened to the audio for the first time … thinking about tightly woven cloth and wondering if it can be cut/torn out, making windows for something softer to come in

        • jude

          it can be woven into and tied instead of quilted. I was thinking that. Or cut out like you have suggested, yes, what if right? There is also some too tender cloth here, that needs to be rescued. And i am reminded that composition is as much a story of how it might need to happen as any outside layer of intention.

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