jude hill spirit cloth

Rise above it

The base has been here for a while. I added the earth beast from so long ago and this time she has decide to go higher. story

cut, relax

There was pucker, where the dense stitch pulled up the cloth.  Sometimes I manage that well. Sometimes I don’t, or can’t.

overlap, settle

I let one side of the cut shelter the other. The cloth flattened out. Almost.  Sometimes I just stitch that in place.

cover. reinforce

This time I thought to strengthen the cut.  I covered it with a strip of fringe. To continue.

continue through

The continuing idea went right through by adding fringe to the top as well. It became like a magic carpet now.  The way it went.

The way is is today is not the way it was yesterdaycannot


  1. Jen NyBlom

    I Love your symbolism. it says much.
    we are all stardust, ageless and ongoing… but yes, during the dark time of the year, time weighs heavy on our hearts, esp as the years march on…. Altho it is my birth month (& should be celebrated) I’m always happy to see Feb go!! hah!
    So happy for March now–let the Spirit uplift! Let us plant seeds and forget the tick-tock of the clock!!
    Hope your ear infection heals ASAP!
    Sending love healing & happiness.

  2. I do love your videos and am glad there are so many of them for you to fall back on … like puzzle pieces, I imagine you putting them together in endless new ways

    wishing you well … wishing you gentle joys … go where you will and we shall follow you there

    • jude

      this is not unlike what I engage in, leftover advice from my chiropractor dad. And also a self massage on the sinus related shoulder area right above the shoulder blade. And heat, and sage mist. I avoid antibiotics if I can. And I am much better today. Thank you for the link.

  3. This one soars, and sings to me…I’ve spent a lifetime daydreaming of being in the stars, but to Be a constellation. Something new to dream about, thank you. (I’ve had the dizzy thing going on for a few weeks- can’t get up, turn head, etc. too fast…hoping it’s allergies, just started the meds this week, some better.)

  4. Belaat

    Oh Jude I did not see sun moon and star in this beautiful work. I saw a woman standing there, dynamic, with the triangular piece either being her hair streaming in the wind or her arm pointing to where she wanted her beast to go. I love the idea of a constellation of self. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Judy

    Still ever so thankful that I stumbled down an internet rabbit hole and found your blog 3 yrs ago this summer (or is it 4) as I lay on my sofa with injured back and then thanks to you, began hand stitching which I could do standing! I’m much better now, able to sit or stand, walk and swim, looking at 75, and still so thankful. I love to read your words, hear your words and see the way you make such delightful story cloths! Thanks Jude! A book! Oh yes…

  6. I think the photo’s explain it all quite well, no video necessary indeed.
    Yes, things change, slowly but they do. (Minor) physical discomfort put things in a different perspective than they used to be, and (old) age does that too, one day more than another. Good it doesn’t last that long
    All the best with your ear and let’s wait for spring 🙂

  7. Sharon Koch

    your voice, telling the story… the still photography, indigo windows for the soul to fly thru’ and soar… a different experience than a video, but equally beautiful. healing. <3

  8. sue dunn

    I would love to have a book that you wrote. Sabrina Ward-Harrison has an on-line class on producing your own book . A local Artist here on Gabriola took the course and produced her own book . It’s beautiful , her name is Tammy Hudgeson.

    • jude

      I am lucky to have a brother who might edit and his partner who know about about page layout. Content is overflowing.

    • Yvonne

      Dear Jude, I do hope you feel better soon, you give so much and it is appreciated so much, that creative heart and mind, just keeps inspiring! Thank you for continuing with the audio, I kinda like these a lot more in some ways, when there is no visual there is more concentration on your words and thoughts. ‘Rise above it’ so much in there 💕

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