Feel Free

Rise above it

The base has been here for a while. I added the earth beast from so long ago and this time she has decide to go higher. story

cut, relax

There was pucker, where the dense stitch pulled up the cloth.  Sometimes I manage that well. Sometimes I don’t, or can’t.

overlap, settle

I let one side of the cut shelter the other. The cloth flattened out. Almost.  Sometimes I just stitch that in place.

cover. reinforce

This time I thought to strengthen the cut.  I covered it with a strip of fringe. To continue.

continue through

The continuing idea went right through by adding fringe to the top as well. It became like a magic carpet now.  The way it went.

The way is is today is not the way it was yesterday.  cannot


  1. Jen NyBlom

    I Love your symbolism. it says much.
    we are all stardust, ageless and ongoing… but yes, during the dark time of the year, time weighs heavy on our hearts, esp as the years march on…. Altho it is my birth month (& should be celebrated) I’m always happy to see Feb go!! hah!
    So happy for March now–let the Spirit uplift! Let us plant seeds and forget the tick-tock of the clock!!
    Hope your ear infection heals ASAP!
    Sending love healing & happiness.

  2. I do love your videos and am glad there are so many of them for you to fall back on … like puzzle pieces, I imagine you putting them together in endless new ways

    wishing you well … wishing you gentle joys … go where you will and we shall follow you there

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