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Still Above it, but Really, In It

It’s been raining and winter has begun to wash away. In my mind as well. Today the sun is shining.

I am feeling better today.  I worked on this one  for a long time. In between naps.  I filled in the sunrise basket.  I noticed how the center became a little out of shape because the cut  left a hole there  and disturbed my rhythm of rings.  It works well, in sympathy with the mountain though, so I felt it was ok. Maybe they  might seem more connected this way.  One holding another.  I often consider what happens as if it was always there and simply build a logic around it.  Sometimes story can be built that way.  Making do with what happens and mending the gaps to make some sense out of it.  I added ears, for listening.  Because I don’t listen enough.  And did a lot of quilting to merge all the loose raw edges. The world could use a bit more of that.   I noticed that red thread laying there and decided to stitch it down.  It was playing nicely with the woven red pattern.  Like the thread that almost got lost, I caught it.   And I wove in a strip of earth I dyed this past summer.  To ground me.  It goes right through, like a thread.  As I look at this one I see more of a small carpet and it makes me long to start weaving again,  allowing it to be re-informed by the present.

This one to the left is hanging next to the bed.  Unnamed. Names fade away.  Last night a Big Cold Wind blew in and the moon  seemed to dive in and out of the swirling dark clouds. I could see it from my window.  This cloth could be Yesterday’s Moon.  Uh-oh, I feel a series coming on…

Yesterday, when I went looking for the weave program that the Man wrote for my advanced cloth weaving class, well it was written for Adobe Flash which has been recently retired and well poof.  No more weave assistant.  I’m laughing though. Because everything has become increasingly funny.  Tomorrow I will begin to move all my photos off  Flickr and delete my account.  Another step in the great undoing.  Although I already feel UnDone.

Back to Skitch Skatch  now…

More about Yesterday’s Moon ( yes, I like that) later. Currently 45″ x 47″.  And I want to sleep under it.


  1. Sharon Koch

    nice that you stitched this between naps. feels like a waking dream. love the weaving in it. to see you at your loom would be a dream-come-true. and then to see what you weave become part of a patchwork story…

  2. Did you weave that moon into the piece? Or did you skitch skatch it there? It’s so intriguing – and no doubt great to sleep near. I just quickly paged through some of the Flickr photos before they disappear – WOW!

      • Kim

        So glad to hear they won’t disappear. I often refer back to Flickr or the archives on your blog for inspiration. Especially the Magic Feather cloth called Home. It’s not only the photos that inspire me, but also the intent behind that cloth and the collaboration of all the makers.

  3. Your daily posts show up in the CA early morning for me…your sharing nudges me every day to keep working, rearranging and stitching. Your presence here makes a big difference in the world. Don’t underestimate it.

  4. the grounding is so just right … and I got lost (in a dreamy way) looking at the variations in the patched “white” cloth beneath

    how one can spend all day with cloth and never tire of it

  5. i think god should have had you there for naming the animals…well, it’s a good story, right? i’m finding myself laughing again, at myself a lot. brilliant blue and after more than 40 degree temp drop in a day, well, why not laugh? the jokes on us, march has their way with us and laughs. loving the here, here

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