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Roots and things

This is, after looking closely, the first photo I added to Flickr in 2006.  Roots and Linen I called it.   I was on Flickr for a while before anyone paid attention.  I remember how that felt.  How differently I feel now.  A big what if occurred to me today.  What if I go through the photos over there, one by one , consider them or reconsider them (privately of course) and then delete them.  Most of them anyway.  That might be fun for me.  Undo a few things in some gentle way, while still moving forward.  It would be quite funny, like at Instagram if you could be notified when I unposted, oh ha!  The Poof Report.  Un-social media?

I am putting together a few new pages for Skitch Skatch, gathering information that might be helpful.  I will let you know when that is available.  For now,  here are 3 yesterdays.  A yesterday’s heart, a yesterday’s moon and a yesterday’s nine.  Good simple starts.  If there is today, there are always yesterdays, tomorrow, we’ll see, yes?

For now, I will be out and about.  Still considering how things will all go. Or not.

The Hudson is very close by.


  1. Beautiful river & yesterday cloth beginnings.
    Remembering how we would look through the family albums, read mom’s captions, ask questions, hear the stories… I wonder how much is being lost in this digital world?

  2. Dear Jude, don’t disappear too much please… That might be a selfish request, but reading and hearing and seeing your work regularly helps me get back to myself and dive deeper… It is hard to continue to do that without the presence of elders (not that you’re old…you know what i mean!), especially when one is holding space for a lot of other people… Though i feel you on decluttering pictures, i should do that in the digital realm at least! 😅

    • jude

      I seem to be caught in a loop. sometimes that is a safety net, sometimes it keeps me from moving on. when do we cut the thread is the question

  3. Rose

    Agree with all the commentary about deleting accumulations of images and ‘stuff’. But what about internet browser bookmarks?! I seem to have way too many of those! 🙂

  4. Kim

    Getting away from social media is one thing. Clearing out things that clutter our minds and/or physical space can be quite healthy. But do be careful not to erase your history. Looking back can remind you how far you’ve come and help you see how you evolved as a person and an artist. I’m so glad Vincent’s brother kept the letters.

    • jude

      I guess so, still I don’t know how much I really need of it. I feel like I know where I am with it all, and I’m ok without the evidence. Just considering it all at this point

  5. Love the roots and the soft look of the cloth nearby…love that you have water nearby, as I know how you love the sea.
    Agree with so many comments here, but you know me…I’ve been getting rid of stuff forever. FB in Dec 2019, never di have accounts for flckr, instgram, pintrest…email and blogs is where I’m at. I do think I’d miss some of the photos if they poofed like Mo’s, but they are only important to me and J too (but he’d miss them far less, if at all).

  6. I purge things twice a year-before the Spring thaw and the porch door is open all day long and before the Fall freeze when I have to close up the house. It used to be more often. Lately my laptop died, and somehow I can’t remember what was in all the files I lost. Although I can’t remember what was on the file, I miss the photos in my brother’s file. He passed away last year. I recently found a photo of a friend from the early 90’s. Her daughter is close to that age now, so I am going to send it to her. It is good to get rid of stuff. It is only for us anyway-no one has those memories. Do we really need all this stuff?

    • jude

      well photos are one thing, mom had so many but digital photos really accumulate at an alarming rate. I lost a lot of files this year. I can’t remember anything about them.

  7. Pam S.

    I like your poof idea 🤔I’ve been thinking on that for Instagram…. it’s the only social media thing I’ve done, and it doesn’t appeal much anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • jude

      it’s hard to break into these things without a previous following. it’s so big and overwhelming at this point. But Instagram is mostly where everyone is. it’s ok for a while but it is just too much input for me at this point. Just exhausting. But it has pretty much replaced blogging and t will persist. Because it is free. Tho you pay a price with your sanity after a while.

  8. janstevenson

    the way we store what we want to remember is always changing — like going from old photo albums (or boxes of print photos) to digital photos. we barely had time to decide which we preferred. and then all the different options of the digital stuff and how some of them become cumbersome after a while, but our minds still kind of recall where we put stuff. so weeding out, and letting go of the ones that don’t thrill us or cheer us anymore is liberating.

    and then. . .there are the things that I never took a picture of. . .like a certain angle at the bottom of a road. . .and how I looked back and saw how the mist stood between the trees and looked like a stream. I still don’t need a picture of it to recall.

    • jude

      Yes, we contain what we’ve seen. It may bubble up in new ways if we let go of the old. This is very much a tool for me.

  9. Jen NyBlom

    I LAUGHED out loud!!
    “The Poof Report”!!
    Oh, how I love your sense of humor…
    I am seriously contemplating nixing my facebook–i”ve only kept it on account of distant family, but this last year: ehhhh.
    Never had flickr…but I still <<>> like Insta…so far.
    All of your images (& thots!!) inspire me…
    Gorgeous shot of the Hudson!

    I’ve not finished any of my little “starts” of late; but today I began anew…and I’m intrigued by the story–
    I want to complete this one…
    (lots of skitch skatch w this one)

    We had Spring for the weekend, and then POOF~~ gone again, winter has returned. Gah 🙁
    Sew, i’m indoors, sewing! 😉

  10. (((Jude))) 10,000 photos from 2008-2020 didn’t make it across in the transfer from my old iMac to the new iMac and y’know what? I don’t miss them at all!

  11. Susanne

    Thanks for the river picture – I’m in the Uk and I fear my knowledge of US Geography is pitiful. I had no idea it was so huge – how far is this from the sea? I guess rivers twist and turn their way through the land a bit like roots.

  12. cednie

    What a beautiful image of the Hudson! Breathtaking. I am on Flickr too and I don’t know why. I rarely go there. I should get off it.

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