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Yesterday’s self.  Yesterday has become very handy lately. In naming things.   And  today a way to reconsider them.  I wish I could get back to video, because I need it right now.  Still a fog hangs over me. Maybe just remnants of the snow melting.  At season’s edge there is confusion as well as relief. And I am feeling all of it.

The need to explain is leading me away from a more organized approach to teaching.  Moving me back into diary mode. Step by step, by example.  Yet I haven’t had the usual energy for it.  I think it might be because there are too many people watching.  Since I started with Instagram, my world has become too large.  Too impersonal.  Not intimate, like storytelling needs to be.  Is storytelling teaching or is it something else?  I ask myself that because I have looked at them in the same way in the past.

A new storycloth.  So Yesterday’s Self was on fire. The story goes like this.  She lit and fed the fire inside until she glowed with it. A cleanse. She burned some bridges that no longer served her.  And since she is by nature liquid, she did not go up in smoke. Instead some space inside her opened up, maybe fog clearing. And new bridges became visible , seemingly arising out of nowhere… bridges of opportunity.  Let’s call them that. These now bridges to nowhere in particular.   Just ways.

Looking back now through the history of me and cloth making.  Skitch-Skatchery is it.  Always been there even before it was named.  And it is most definitely about bridge building. 

The moon, which ended up looking a little bit like a black and white cookie, it was formed by building a bridge/connection between a little leftover magic and what I imagined it could be. 

I think I will go make some black and white cookies and celebrate.

And continue to consider this fire inside.

And the concept of selves.

PS. I love you.


  1. Vicki L Hollander

    So beautiful….yes…yes…resonates…with this aging woman here…
    part travels along with you….
    part so wants to learn to create…stories, beauty wonders how do I create moons?

  2. Tania Botoulas

    Dear Jude, I have been silently following you for many years from the southern tip of Africa. I love your stories. And yes, stories and narratives are very much a form of teaching. It’s teaching in a way that leads to further inferential thinking, ruminations and connections. Understanding of self and others. I am a huge fan and always inspired. Thank you.

  3. It’s the end of the day and I think about when fires are just about burnt out, the embers. Still a lot of possibility in an ember. Tomorrow I want to think about community…I am so grateful for mine. Love.

    • jude

      I’m considering how teaching is often telling someone else’s story, depending on the circumstance. Organized teaching might be that.

  4. I love that story, particularly “bridges to nowhere in particular. Just ways.” It made me think of “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Or we’ll go another way and cross another bridge. Or maybe just ford the creek/stream/river. Different ways. Just ways.

  5. Deb VZ

    Stories are bread and butter for my soul. I followed your blog for years because there is more than just “how to” here. I know that I “make” not because I’m so creative, but because it calms my mind and allows me to leave my daily concerns behind – and sometimes what I make truly delights me (and occasionally others). Finding your blog was like finding a kindred spirit and home. As much as I tire of technology, I will be ever grateful for how it has allowed me to find my tribe.

    Much love to you Jude. Thank you sharing your stories.

  6. Ckristine.

    This time, i need to say hello, from France. You are like an english (american) lesson for me, so i don’t understand every thing but you are a free spirit lesson and a textile spirit lesson . This feed my mind. Thank you 🙂 I love this self-portrait too ! (like a strong woman on her boat)…

  7. deemallon

    While I so admire your open class approach one of the beauties of asking people to pay is that it creates a smaller group. It was always worth the price of admission.

    I’m getting rid of Flickr too. Or at least, the pro account. Weird to review.

    Oh and love back!

  8. Story telling is a gift that you have in abundance. Usually it is just word based but you also have the gift of design and can tell stories visually as well, in drawings and cloth. We follow your stories and learn about you, others, humanity, etc. You teach us so much as we listen and watch. While we absorb it all we make amazing stories ourself while reflecting and internalizing over time.your influence is world wide…So yes, you are not alone, but I’m sure you have some private times…but your usually calminb story telling is broadcast far and wide. And we love it.

  9. Pix

    A world too large, intimacy? These can be daunting questions.
    As you shine your light with so much love it goes out into the universe.
    Yet if only one or three or three million receive your message it is the same.
    The universe needs all our love and light.
    Your stories are miracles, healing balms that soothe and delight.
    This is your teaching.
    Please continue.

    • jude

      reach seems so lovely but sometimes puts so much distance between me and how I might be perceived. Thank you for making me think about that

  10. Victoria

    There is just too much out there on social media to really get a handle on. And if you do get a handle on it you realize at some point that it, and not you, is really in control. I just hate to even consider how much time (collectively) is being wasted on Facebook, instagram, tic-tok etc. etc, etc that could otherwise be put to constructive use.

    That’s my rant for the day…………. at least I hope so.

  11. Martine Bos

    Who needs insta…..? I need your stories and am very thankful you give them to me, all those years…….
    Sending love……….

  12. Jan Voss

    I feel your stories flow through me as I read them
    Some part of me is there with you
    In your room
    Touching your cloth
    Seeing your light

    Stories are what we live
    And how we connect
    Like little sparks of fire


    Where we touch


  13. June-Eta Chenard

    And I love you, Jude. I’m so glad I found your blog years ago, and that I felt brave enough to ask to follow it. I’d never followed a blog before and wasn’t sure whether I was an artistic enough sew-er to be an acceptable member. Little did I know how lovingly acceptable you are to us, one and all.

  14. we all need stories – they are how we manage our lives – your stories are awesome….and the intimacy is still, really, one on one. Love this piece. Just love it.

      • Carolyn Stephen's

        I am very new to your ‘teaching stories’ and I can’t put into words just how beautiful they are for me….but I can say they go straight to my heart and warm me through and through.
        They are truly beautiful…I feel like I am the only student (though I know there are surely thousands) …..
        Your beautiful thoughts and words make me feel so ‘blessed ‘ to have found you.
        Thank you from my ❤ to yours .
        Blessings, love and light

  15. janstevenson

    love you back. you know, instagram amazes me. some people use it very effectively and creatively to tell stories and make little films. . .music and all. the best ones seem to set their own limitations. . .on comments, etc. I like that. the boy here (32 yrs old) and I say ‘love you’ a lot. it’s shorthand for all the stuff we share when there’s time and maybe for the things we need to make time for. and storms always end with I love you – in this house.

  16. did you know there is such a thing as black cocoa? King Arthur flour carries it and it makes the most intense chocolate cookies … and a royal mess to boot

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