Feel Free


Yesterday’s self.  Yesterday has become very handy lately. In naming things.   And  today a way to reconsider them.  I wish I could get back to video, because I need it right now.  Still a fog hangs over me. Maybe just remnants of the snow melting.  At season’s edge there is confusion as well as relief. And I am feeling all of it.

The need to explain is leading me away from a more organized approach to teaching.  Moving me back into diary mode. Step by step, by example.  Yet I haven’t had the usual energy for it.  I think it might be because there are too many people watching.  Since I started with Instagram, my world has become too large.  Too impersonal.  Not intimate, like storytelling needs to be.  Is storytelling teaching or is it something else?  I ask myself that because I have looked at them in the same way in the past.

A new storycloth.  So Yesterday’s Self was on fire. The story goes like this.  She lit and fed the fire inside until she glowed with it. A cleanse. She burned some bridges that no longer served her.  And since she is by nature liquid, she did not go up in smoke. Instead some space inside her opened up, maybe fog clearing. And new bridges became visible , seemingly arising out of nowhere… bridges of opportunity.  Let’s call them that. These now bridges to nowhere in particular.   Just ways.

Looking back now through the history of me and cloth making.  Skitch-Skatchery is it.  Always been there even before it was named.  And it is most definitely about bridge building. 

The moon, which ended up looking a little bit like a black and white cookie, it was formed by building a bridge/connection between a little leftover magic and what I imagined it could be. 

I think I will go make some black and white cookies and celebrate.

And continue to consider this fire inside.

And the concept of selves.

PS. I love you.


  1. Vicki L Hollander

    So beautiful….yes…yes…resonates…with this aging woman here…
    part travels along with you….
    part so wants to learn to create…stories, beauty wonders how do I create moons?

  2. Tania Botoulas

    Dear Jude, I have been silently following you for many years from the southern tip of Africa. I love your stories. And yes, stories and narratives are very much a form of teaching. It’s teaching in a way that leads to further inferential thinking, ruminations and connections. Understanding of self and others. I am a huge fan and always inspired. Thank you.

  3. It’s the end of the day and I think about when fires are just about burnt out, the embers. Still a lot of possibility in an ember. Tomorrow I want to think about community…I am so grateful for mine. Love.

    • jude

      I’m considering how teaching is often telling someone else’s story, depending on the circumstance. Organized teaching might be that.

  4. I love that story, particularly “bridges to nowhere in particular. Just ways.” It made me think of “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Or we’ll go another way and cross another bridge. Or maybe just ford the creek/stream/river. Different ways. Just ways.

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