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Eventually, the fog moves on.  Or we do. I’m not really one to give up on just about anything. As you might know by now, yesterday’s self is mostly not today’s, even though we (selves) are all in the same basket. After what can be at this point, a lifetime, I have come to appreciate that place between my mood swings. As much as the rocking back and forth.  Life mostly happens in the middle. Might life be, then, the bridge between this and that.

A video test then.  Just to remember what it is like.

So, new software, phone camera, and strange lighting to adjust to… but it can be done I guess.  Even if the Man is listening to music in the other room. 

For the moment… something happening on the edge of The Deep Pool Of Thought.  Another large cloth that is destined to become a basket.

( I’ve added the video from the making of this silken pool to the Methods Index under Applique/Liquid.  As another example.)

Maybe all my cloths are baskets.

Have a good weekend,  I am going to do my taxes and try to get a frickin’ appointment for a vaccination that’s closer than 2 hours away.


  1. deemallon

    I used the word ruching recently in a piece about my mother, who could sew like nobody’s business. I watched how you auditioned those scraps and let them find a place and knew the wisdom of patches telling us things. Hearing you say it, is something. Definitely a reason to keep going.

  2. Yvonne

    Thank You for your perseverance, lovely to hear your voice again. I typed a long response to yesterday’s post and lost it when I got a call just before posting, my old self would have been raging ! I’m learning to accept things more these days, much has changed … Vaccines here in Scotland have reached 50s age group, I’m due mine soon, they are realizing that the effect on those who have had possibly had the virus is more, in our family has been the case. My 92yr old mother had no pain, effects were low, my older brother, had covid, experienced severe pain in his arm and lethargic for a couple of days. It’s is also suggested that the immunity is better.
    I’m immersed in what iffing and working on a story cloth thank you for your continued kindness and inspiration 💕

  3. There is something comforting about imaging him in one space with music and you in another space with cloth, perhaps so because I could’ve imagined that here too. So a connection. Got my first vaccine on the 3rd, not much problems…but I was surprised to re-feel the injection site after our hike today. Curious.

  4. Brenda

    New to your work and I’m astounded how much information there is on here and Spiritcloth. More than info though is the soul that shows through in your writing, and your work and words seems like they might feed my soul here in Scotland.

  5. the ruched silk pool is deep. and a little moon reflecting… vaccine locations here are close and convenient but i’m not eligible yet. patience and perseverance…
    i love how light dances off the silk especially when it’s ruched like that. silk molecules are faceted…

  6. Dakotah

    Loved the video and the new self. See you can do it. You always find a way.
    In regards to your last post if you want a more private setting how about another diary class? I would sign up.
    Prepare for a very sore arm if/when you get the shot. 💜💜

  7. Victoria

    I get my second shot this afternoon. Then two weeks for those antibodies to rev up and I’m going out to a real restaurant for some food I didn’t have to prepare myself! Hoping that I don’t have any of those negative (minor) effects from the second shot but do expect it to be a bit more bothersome than the first which was just a sore arm. We’ll see. Certainly worth any difficulties that it might present though.

  8. cednie

    I just love the Deep Pool of Thought. Watched the Liquid Applique video all the way through, even the washing machine part! I’m getting my first vaccine today – in an hour – at Walgreen’s. And making progress on my taxes…moving into a new phase, post-taxes vaccinated 2021.

  9. Joan Hinchcliff

    Got my first shot yesterday, in and out in 20 minutes, YAY! Feeling fine, only a sore arm, moving on…slowly.

    I loved seeing you incorporating existing pattern in fabric to your own design and how the two can flow together.

  10. Sharon Koch

    yay! a beautiful little video. and love, love, love, your methods index. the link to sharon b’s stitch dictionary is a world of possibilities. i’m going to wander around in all this goodness you’ve sent us. you made my day. (as usual) ha! read your closing thought as “maybe all my clothes are baskets.” :-}

    • jude

      so much stuff buried in the old blog and here and there needs to be indexed. Probably the reason I created this place. Losing track really. And ha!

  11. Jen NyBlom

    Baskets—of thought 😀
    (i gotta stop stitching and do taxes too—and still waiting for our age group to be open down here…ugh)
    ps glad you are persevering w the video 🙂 YAY

  12. how those cloth bits look like they were meant to be there all along … and I am remembering birdsong in your long-ago videos … how the background sounds made it all the more “real”

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