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What happened here is quite astounding to me. Even after all the history with this process.  And that’s exactly what it is for really. To accustom my selves with the unexpected. Without worrying if it fits in. That is to grow in the moment of discovery. Which is often an uncovering. Or maybe more likely a result of seeing through. I will talk now, because  I want to let the thoughts that have not yet formed form. joodling


I am imagining now, some sort of way to add permanent lines to cloth , using homemade ink, not pen. Some thing I don’t need to buy.

I think one of the reasons I sometimes prefer audio over video is the authenticity of it. Of course that is because I have managed to feel comfortable with it as if I am talking to myself.  There is no script.  There needs to be no preparation for it.  It is just a reconsidering of what has happened. A gut reaction. And it becomes a bridge to what MIGHT come next.  Or a mend ( I have a few patchwords) for what MIGHT have happened, but didn’t.  And it may reveal a rawness which teaches me about what open is. 

So yesterday’s self  was open to it all.  And I love what Deb did here…

Loose Thought to Self: Skoodle vs Sketch.

Since yesterday, much snow has melted on the hill outside the kitchen area.  The hill that is mostly stone.  There are 3 Dears resting there. Can you see them?

A quick story. Early at sunrise we, Soul-o and I, we saw them standing at the ridge. Suddenly white tails in the air, like 3 moons rising.  They remained frozen for a good while.  Then, some stamping. Then a bobcat! Leaping over the wall and running through the front of the property and down the hill.  Then after a bit. Rest.  No camera on hand, just how it happened. 


  1. Oh, my! What a great thing to see a cougar! And potentially scary. But so cool!

    I love the little tassel tail kittens at the foot of big cat person. Don’t know if that’s what you intended them to be, but that’s what I see.

  2. cednie

    We had a bobcat stroll through our yard earlier this winter. Very nonchalantly. I was able to take photos and a video with my phone. Very exciting! As well as your breakthrough with the pen/ink. I neglected my walnut dye bath and all the water evaporated. I have shards of dry walnut color left. If I add a little water, maybe it will become ink.

    • jude

      yes, I found a post about that way back on spirit cloth, I am finding so many old what ifs… gosh how stuff gets buried.

  3. Jen NyBlom

    In the doing itself; YEAH! Not worried about where it’s going, the final product, am I doing it right? Is it a good job? Am I @$#ing it up?! who cares? That is what I absolutely ***LOVE*** about doodling —no pressure.
    …. skoodling (love all these funky terms~) what an epiphany!!!
    (I heard the excitement in your voice 😀 )

    going to have to try this idea….

  4. Mary aka ma su ke

    Thank you for the Carl Jung quote. A phrase that struck me when I was very young and beginning to wonder thoughtfully came to mind, and I needed to bring it back and keep it with me now when I am old . . . ” . . . that you will not follow where the path may lead, but go where there is no path, and leave a trail.” I wonder who said that?

    • I was curious about that quote, so I looked it up It’s most often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, but it’s from the poem, “Wind-Wafted Wild Flowers” by Muriel Strode. It just made me happy that it wasn’t Emerson, but was a woman, and a rather interesting one, at that.

  5. deemallon

    It’s very cool how your early training as an illustrator is making its claim to cloth. Also — the business of valuing process over product impresses me and I have to believe it is part of what allows you to be so inventive — spiritthought!

  6. Do you still have a walnut source? My friend had a bobcat cross the street right in front of her car…right here in town!
    There is something in the expression of this one’s face/eyes…serious, intense, introspective…I love it.

  7. Sharon Koch

    wow… feels like you’ve tapped into the dream realm. the contrast between intensely inked lines ‘n those barely there. some stitched, some not. the skatched figure appears “real”. the moon seems to be “ticking”…

  8. A bobcat! We’ve lived here 25 years and I have only once seen a bobcat. It was so close to the house. We stared at each other and then it was away so fast I wondered if I had dreamed it. Love the doodle on cloth and love even more that after all this time with process you can still be astounded.

    • jude

      The bobcat, much smaller than expected but wow! I wanted to hug it.
      We stay with things when they continue to amaze us, right?

  9. Dakotah

    You live in a magical place. I just saw a show about your area which talked about Druid rock structures, stone monuments like Balanced Rock which are energy conductors, and other out there things like ET sightings. I think you were meant to be there because of what you bring to Place. It’s already been an adventure seeing what you have created in your brief time there. The strays never cease to amaze me. 🦌🦌🦌

  10. Alison Jory

    Love ‘joodling’ and ‘skoodling, and so appreciate the way you share half formed thoughts so we can follow your developing ideas. That liminal space between conscious and unconscious is such an exciting place to be. Where else could you find this? Such a huge gift you give us Jude, heartfelt thanks.
    Wonderful goings on out in the woods.

    • jude

      I figure that at each moment there could be a million ways to continue and I can only pick one at a time, maybe you might find another in my ramblings. Spri g is coming and I am enjoying just looking.

      • I have yet to see a bobcat in the wild, but this is one of the things I love about the Wildflower Center in Austin: that they have life-size bronze creatures along the paths in the children’s garden … bobcat, coyotes, jackrabbit, deer, frog, turtle, and more … the children can “get a sense of them” that they might not otherwise, all while be cautioned not to stray from the paths, for the rattlesnakes in the area are all too real

        • jude

          I thought they were bigger, but I knew immediately what it was because I’ve been researching about the wild life hear. They said you rarely see them and then, poof!

  11. Pam S.

    I like seeing the drawing on fabric left without stitching! I’ve been thinking for awhile now to draw on fabric with a glass dip pen, and do my hand quilting on the lines not caring that the bits of line will show … maybe like a shadow.
    Beautiful drawing on that piece Jude 💙💙💙

  12. debgorr

    Oh gosh! I just love this… Doodling on cloth, that’s a path I started down but got distracted from. And, I started an ink making cloth about a month ago but with everything haven’t started doing the actual work. Now I am extra inspired. 🙂 Thank you Jude…

  13. snicklefritzin43

    Looking at this piece, Jude, I see “weave”…the little pieces are reminiscent of the cloth weaving you so often do….not woven but appearing so to my eye….lovely.

  14. Joanne in Maine.

    It makes sense. I struggle with my paper and ink drawing and my cloth. I am going NOW to find a started cloth that will NOW get drawn lines. Just to see how it might happen.

  15. Victoria Fickel

    Wanted to thank you for one of your earlier posts. I love chives from the garden. Still too cold here. Seeing your onions growing on your window ledge, made me try it. I have had snippets of fresh, tender green onions for weeks now. All thanks to seeing your lovely picture.

    You make a difference. Thank you!

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