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new shape


New Visitors.

I am so attuned to the window scene with the feeder, the comings and goings. Out of the corner of my eye.

And then in just a second, my attention is drawn to any change. First there was the flutter, the quick dart of the first humming bird of the season,  They are so quick, like insects.  Couldn't get a picture if I tried.

But then, what's this?

Wow!  I yelled and the man came running.


I know what it is, do you?  I am so excited, as I work to make the garden, improve the soil,  open the overgrown spaces, create living fences, place watering stations... how much wildlife has gathered.

Especially birds.

Or maybe...

sweet growth

He came to see the sweet potato sprouting on the windowsill.  I could stare at it for hours.  I was outside all day yesterday.  Digging up rocks to border a new humming bird garden.

home is a kind of seeingIt is raining today

so I will get back to cloth,

and paper,

and whatever is patiently waiting.


  1. Vicki Fitzgibbon

    Sweet potatoes are magic Jude
    Every bit grows and everybit is edible.when you get some long shoots pop them in water and they’ll send out roots too. You can eat the leaves and young shoots like spinach or salad,chooks love them too, and of course bake or mash the tubers,there are even receipes for cakes and brownies with sp.
    Next time I’ll plant mine in a container or raised bed cos they are survivors and will spread through the whole garden.
    Love your work and your words and your birds.
    Keep well

  2. How wonderful- the sighting, the photo, the bird…so distinguished! There were hummingbirds yesterday, and this morning while stitching, a goldfinch out the window. A bit of yellow sunshine in the middle of pouring rain.

  3. Wendy

    How lovely he is! I have a purple sweet potato growing on my porch. Rained here yesterday as well, sunny today.

  4. A sweet potato! I have one here I had every intention of using, and now it’s got shoots coming out of it. No leaves. Have you had experience growing them?

  5. Helen Lee

    We heard the Cuckoo today, and Cuckoo Flowers…volunteers….are flowering in our garden’s wild patches. So happy.

    I don’t know what your gorgeous visitor is…so beautiful.

    Sweet Potatoes are a staple food for us. I don’t think they’d grow here though…hmmm…it wouldn’t hurt to try…

    Seeds went in the soil today…yay.

    • jude

      one sweet potato took root from the compost the first year. I don’t really have room unless I grow them on containers or towers, maybe next year.

  6. Sharan

    I saw our first-of-the-year rose breasted grosbeak at our feeder this weekend. He took my breath away! He and she are back just now … simple delights hold so much grace.

      • Sharan

        I just learned something interesting about why female birds are so very different/plain – while bright males are much more likely to be preyed upon because they stand out, females are safer because they blend into their surroundings, kind of a survival of a species thing … I haven’t investigated further but makes sense …

  7. Beth from Still Life Pond

    They are suddenly here too. My husband put out an oriole feeder and orange slices and we suddenly have orioles too. And hummingbirds. And green, green, everywhere green! I’m a little giddy on spring.
    (And agree with your sentiments about instagram. I loved it for a long time. Such a shame for what it is turning into.)

    • jude

      yes, giddy here too.
      Yes Instagram was about beautiful photos in the beginning, them about simple sharing, now it is hard to even scroll through to get to anything you might want to see. It all turns into endless commerce so quickly.

  8. Peggy McG

    Yes, I know this bird from the northern woods of MN up near Brainerd. First sighting was marked in my bird book when I was 11. Fabulous Picture!
    Rocks, Paper, Scissors! Is what I thought of your recent days.

    • jude

      it took many tries to get a clear pic.
      rock scissors paper was written on an early cloth piece. You made me remember

  9. Laurie

    Lucky you Jude. That bird is a rose breasted grosbeak. We have them at our feeder in Southern Ontario, just east of Toronto quite often this time of year. Lovely, aren’t they?

  10. sharon

    “if you build it, they will come… ” thank u, jude, for creating lovely sanctuaries for winged beasts ‘n ragmates.

  11. Wow! What a beautiful being this is! I would have no idea if folks hadn’t said so. Not a SoCal bird I’m thinking. So, thank you for sharing your world view 🙂

  12. CJ

    So alive for you! Window feeders the best…we have had a Blue Grosbeak feeding. Have you read When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams. Truly a piece of wisdom.

  13. Jana

    I got red and rose mixed up, but I knew what it was in spite of never having seen one in person. Related to cardinals is what I read.

    Oh, happy spring! Bringing bright blessings galore!

    Thank you for sharing so much life, so much aliveness this morning!

  14. Raining here this morning too, hoping to get out in the garden this evening for a bit. Mom and Dad get Grosbeaks at their feeders but they are further inland, in the foothills.

  15. Jen

    Ooo! ( I know what it is) Nice!! I’ve never seen one around here…but I did see a redwing blackbird the other day 😄
    And the mockingbirds, cardinals, and wrens are all busy feeding babies in our yard!!
    Who could possibly stay indoors this time of year!? ( Unless, of course, it is raining! Ha)
    Love the new cloth…
    ( Bleeding?)

  16. Vi

    Never seen this beautiful bird….what a treat!!
    Sweet potatoes( which I love)….never seen them sprout!!
    Today’s post…full of treats.

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