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Recurring Images

Whenever I seem confused, lost or simply stranger than normal, I know I am growing. In these times there is no way to explain the state of things. When one (thing) is becoming another. It has been a while so I have had a tough time remembering the beauty in it.

good morning

I was just looking this morning.  I had created a new base, or playground, as I often refer to them.  And, well, I became more aware of recurring images and how they are not really like that after the seed is sown.  They are suddenly new, yet, as if they were always there.   The part of the process that can never really be shared is ... well, like that.

temples in the sky

I look here at these two. The one on the left from 2020,  I was here. I called it Holding On to Nothing and then, renamed Everything is Connected.  The one on the right , new, unnamed. They are so much the same, the floating, the connection. One still so simple, one more complex.  I cannot always explain why I see things the way I do.  In between.  It may not be important except to one who is deeply interested in form(ing).

As I move toward paper once again, well, I am looking again.  At  the recurring.  Which is simply, Again.   And the undoing that contains.

These are not good photos, my mind was elsewhere.



  1. Alison TS

    yes me too, inspired to poetry like Steph.
    “up so floating many bells down”
    ee cummings – anyone lived in a pretty now town

  2. sharon

    the going from “holding onto nothing” to “everything is connected”. ha! celebrating growing pains. the end becoming a beginning. eager to see how the new unnamed cloth will transform.

  3. Steph

    Reminds of the poem, Shadows by DHLawrence and the lines, “odd, wintry flowers upon the withered stem, yet new, strange flowers such as my life has not brought forth before, new blossoms of me.”

  4. Susana Crowley

    “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” My guiding principle, as I have come to know it well. We always come back to home base. ❤️

  5. The circles in/on circles say so much to me. “playground” was just the thought that came yesterday with a new base. Stitching circles into it now, hoping to keep hold of all of the possibilities.

    • jude

      Yeah the interlocking circles, more to say…
      Playgrounds are a shop category but I forget in which class I began calling them that.
      Circles can hold….

  6. Vi

    How well you convey things, even tho it’s part of the process which really can’t be shared.
    Your work really lifts my very long day today…to a quiet place within…home…

    • Marianne

      I’ve been a long time follower….sometimes not fully understanding what is said, but always knowing this is a place to get away from the chaos in this world. Creatively the word for me today is keep it simple.

      • jude

        how can we fully understand?, I think certain environments just help us be what we are. Simple is much easier. yet I slide into complexity without hesitation. It’s a cycle I guess.

  7. Velma Bolyard

    spring is like this, all edges and changes and upheavals and wonder, especially in the great north woods.

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