jude hill spirit cloth



or an Impression of May... in early morning light.

centered for today

Over a cloth called Heal.

How one just fits to the other.

How one thing becomes another through pairing. Pairings. Each giving something to New Form.

I know it is spring, I have my first poison ivy.

And today I consider more seriously leaving the metaverse, a big step to somewhere else. It is warm and sunny and I am going outside to plant more morning glories.  Maybe build a trellis from some fallen  branches.  BranchWork.


  1. Jen

    Somehow, I was “lost” in the gardening world today, ( there’s still dirt under my fingernails!) And just before I read this post, I saw the calendar, that man-made construct that declared what I already knew from Nature; today is a beautiful celebratory day!!
    Let us Dance!
    (Oh, screw the weird billionaires; I’m trying very hard to not “let them in” to my soul.
    And I love those patches meandering across the cloth and the soothing colors 💚Sigh! 🥰

  2. Cj

    Branch work! Kids sent me willow branches before their state move. A basket! I can! I hope! Beautiful bits you got there growing,

  3. sharon

    the joy of “how one just fits to the other”~ feelin’ that here. oh, and branchwork paired with patchwork! maybe an indoor trellis/loom for your enclosed porch?

  4. Sara L Jordan

    I am forever grateful to you for being here, in the Metaverse. You help keep me grounded. However, you have to do what’s right for you.

  5. Happy May! Gosh how these two work together. Love this.
    As for FB (meta) – left in 2019 and don’t miss it (except maybe for friend’s grandchildren pics). I never did the other, never ‘followed’ you there…I know you here, at your home. It is enough.
    Now, for the exciting stuff…your branches comment reminded me of: https://www.earthloom.org/#:~:text=The%20EarthLoom%20was%20originated%20by,the%20very%20simplest%20of%20weaving.
    Which I found (again) after forgetting the name and doing a Google search of “Outdoor Loom” and then “Outdoor Nature Loom”…man what a delightful amount of nature weaving to be seen!
    You have plenty there to build a loom and weave in branches and other windfall items…cloth bits and yarn bits woven loosely as an invitation for the birds nest building! This excites me and made me think what a great community project this would be at the Nature Center we’ve been visiting recently. 🙂

  6. Marilyn Clulow

    Nothing is all bad , there is a gift in everything even in the ugly and negative, much to learn. The metaverse has value , absorb and use what is good and be grateful, just let the rest go gracefully into nothingness from where it came. I believe the Supreme Creator made and makes everything toys for us to play with and discard as we go along.
    Thank you for your posts and glimpses of your life they bring peace and tranquillity and these are the toys I keep.

    • jude

      true, it is all a matter of perspective, which has a lot to do with where we are. And here I am, adjusting to the day.

  7. Jana

    Leaving the Metaverse brought me so much peace. Of course, I don’t have a web presence or a following and sometimes those tendrils latch on to the Metaverse, but I’m not sure it’s necessary that they do. Don’t know. What thoughts serve love over fear…

    Weaving with wood. Becoming intimate with limbs of wood, thick vines, what wants to be woven with what as you do with cloth … that is an exciting prospect … one piece at a time.

  8. Marti

    May 1st and is anyone dancing around a Maypole? When I lived in Leavenworth, WA, a Bavarian tourist town, they celebrated Maifest and had an actual May pole, that rose up from the street, very tall, about 50 ft, festooned with colorful ribbons and they danced and danced, intertwining the ribbons; …wonderful to see.

    To honor this day, I was ready to take my tender tomato seedlings outside BUT we still have night temps below 50 so they remain indoors. But in honor of the day, the month, the season and their growth, I added new thin tall apple branches,pruned and cured from last year, use them also to hang dyed cloth creations.

    Anyway, I used them here to place my plastic wrap over to create a mini greenhouse. I mist the seedlings and the inside of the wrap. Got my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, one green zebra and the other were a free gift from the company, Thorburns Terra Cotta tomatoes, created by a Dr in New York in 1893. Said to be sweet and a great rusty color.

  9. Vi

    Beautiful stitches, and squares moving with vitality. Lovely, Jude.
    Metaverse….I left it behind and don’t miss it’s frightening soul-lessness…
    Watching the parrots and oriental white eyes and the new green…as May brings them near.

  10. Tina

    I think that the last years .. beginning with T getting elected Covid war has taken its toll. But I know that through it all this circle .. this amazing loving healing supporting caring sharing group has grown larger than any Metaverse. It’s a universe of its own .. I’m grateful!!

  11. Bridget Ely

    Oh Jude .. I getcha .. sculpting with cloth and twigs .. others consider me weird .. have you ever tried a dead hedge ? I consider you my tribe .. don’t leave me 😀

    • jude

      there’s a natural dead hedge here already but I have my mind set on some new weaving. Your sculpting sounds great! I’m here.

  12. J’aime beaucoup ces verts 😉 comme si chaque touche était un mot d’amour ou un poème en hommage à la Nature qui nous entoure et accepte de partager l’espace avec nous <3

  13. Joan Hinchcliff

    I, as I am sure all here would be so sad to not share in your continuing fabric (and paper) journey but we all must do what is best for ourselves. I think this decision must be hard and stressful and I hope your fabric and your beautiful land give you calm and peace through this decision. I know you have mentioned we don’t really know those people we meet online but I truly feel you are a long distance friend that I so enjoy hearing from.

      • jeri

        Oh, I’m so glad you said that. I have been busy traveling but have been thinking of you and your “online presence” with all the pitfalls. It can be…. and I left it myself for the reasons you have mentioned. I love the smaller, hand selected communities. Perhaps it is time for a closed community where you can choose and be chosen.

        I love that smaller piece on top with all the points going round…. like a star, like a sun, like mountains with hills and valleys. So much to see.

  14. kirsten

    I’ve always thought of May 1 as the real first day of spring! And remember making May Day baskets for my parents.

    The metaverse and all that it entails me does not interest me at all. Somehow virtual worlds seem uninteresting! How does one feel cloth there?

    • jude

      When I say Metaverse, I speak of the Zuckerberg world, The Facebook and Instagram reality. And then now the Musk world. What a fucking web of lies. Sorry, mood swing.

      • Lou

        echo that Jude… exasperating and saddening, the reality of the way thigs are, even without those multi-verse microcosms. I listened to someone speaking today, and just thought, “where is the humanity, consideration, care for the other?” What happens when a person’s mind dwells more in those spaces? Rhetorical. Your mood swing hooked mine! and now I’m smiling… But seriously where are my people?

  15. deemallon

    I always get nervous at the thought of “losing you” to real life, even as I understand the impulse. The cloths look amazing together. I really think the tension between contained rectangles and tumbling squares and spirals is just delicious!

    • jude

      there is always the Zone. Forever.
      Yes I like the dual sense of direction it creates, seems to expand and implode at the same time.

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