jude hill spirit cloth

Just a Reminder

as if from the dead

And celery said,

"You thought I was finished."

And the cloth said...

green sun

watching for May

It's almost May and May is porch month, it will all be ripped up for a while.  Probably this weekend we will clean everything away. Soul-o will be in a trauma for a while.  He is scared of all other people. I can relate, somewhat.


  1. Helen Lee

    Those triangles 💙 His paws 😍 I’m with him…introvert, bordering on anti social! 😳
    Hope the porch work goes smoothly.
    Love the rebirth of Celery 💚

  2. my cats always hate that kind of activity too. but the end result will be wonderful! did you see what’s going on with Maura’s building construction? wow!
    my pink celery reseeded itself here… it’s so pretty. and i love that green sun…

  3. Wendy

    Hopefully your porch repair and transformation goes smoothly and quickly. You have such a gorgeous view of nature from your porch. Loving the addition of the triangles to your cloth. Hope your day is filled with lots of sunshine and warmth.

  4. Mary Park

    I love the porch, I could live there, hopefully it will go quickly and Soul-o won’t be too traumatized, my kitty is the same way

    • jude

      yeah, it will still be screened, I would love windows but my budget is maxed out. Maybe if my son gets some time one of these days, but he is so busy trying to make a living.

  5. Jana

    May the porch re-do go smoothly and quickly with great satisfaction on the closing end! It will be an even more glorious place to create!

  6. Judy

    Covid isn’t the way I wanted to accept that I’m an introvert but it’s a relief to be spared having to think of reasons not to constantly be socializing! I look forward to your photos and words Jude!

    • Mary Park

      I have discovered being an introvert is a good thing, if you can be happy with just yourself, that’s wonderful, it just means we didn’t have to change our life too much when the C thing come along,

  7. That celery pic is amazing. I will show J. as he is the one who cuts it up for my lunches 🙂 At first I only noticed the triangles on the bottom and I thought, ah prayer flags! Sun is good too. I love this cloth so much. Best wishes for a quick & easy porch re-do, with lovely results. Enjoy May.

    • jude

      Last year I transplanted it to the garden in Jube and it did produce a whole new bunch of celery. I like to have one inside too, snip the leaves for salad and stuff.
      I forgot about this one and how much I loved it.
      The porch guy is a friend of the tree guy, he does nice work and I trust it will go swiftly.

  8. Jen

    I can absolutely understand Soul-o;
    Not scared, per se, but I might have been known to duck back inside when a neighbor or two has been spotted 🤦‍♀️😅😜😆🤣
    Best of luck with the undoing/reimagining of the outdoor room!! ( Hope it comes together QUICKLY!!)

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