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perspective in green

From this point in the season, we can see into the forest.  Here, beyond the garden fence and the  birdboxes , which have, yes!,  become homes to bluebirds,  you can see the closest path we cleared, beyond that the path carved by the new stream, and then the mossy hill where the cedars begin.  The cedars here are compromised by the new tree growth that was never managed.  Tree guy has some ideas.

I have recently begun reconsidering an old cloth I called  An impression of May, just imagine how far back, 2014.  Anyway it is almost May again.

I added a bit of magic using what I call The Double Running Stitch.  To remind myself how long magic might persist.  Noting to myself that the leaf prints on this one have not faded one bit over the years.

And love came in the mail yesterday. Thank You Nancy.  I love that this book is not fiction, yet it is based on stories.

somehow a perfect gift for now



  1. Vi

    …such a lovely post! All of it.
    What an amazing view..so still and full of life.
    Each time I look at your work..I learn to “see” a thing a little better, a few pennies drop and then I stare in gay abandon!
    That’s a book that looks like a delicious read.

  2. That leaf is alive in a very old way. The video brought back so many memories. I still have my cloth from that class, mostly done. Ha. Every now and then I think I shall pull it out and consider it again. I am gladdened to have passed along this book, that has brought you some joy already. ❤️

  3. CJ

    Nothing like the bluebirds finding a home close by! I’m yearning to wrap some blooms and leaves again and see what surprises come. I always want this fabric with the woven threaded square pattern. Think inspiring.

  4. sharon

    how cloth can recycle the past into the present in such a tangible way. the double running stitch feels like looking thru a window.

  5. Every time I do running stitch, I really want it to be double running stitch. Just have an urge to fill in that gap. Maybe next time. Our woods are dense and dark, also not “ours” but a preserve, so we can walk there but not do any management. So enjoyable to watch the woods wake up.

  6. Maja

    Isn’t that the most wonderful book! I love anything about the history of cloth and stitching. It’s such an important part of life – at least mine. Your blog keeps me going and inspires me every day. Thanks for sharing your innermost feelings and your wonderful woods and garden.

  7. Glennis

    I love the view into your woods. Maybe a thinning of the seedlings? I’m curious what the tree guy has in mind. I’ll have to look up that book…

    • jude

      The forest here grew back, there is evidence of planning and perhaps clearing. I am learning a lot from folks that have lived here a long time. Like generations

  8. Jen

    Your words look quiet and peaceful.
    I could use some of that this week!!!!!

    I love that little colorful swirl in the sea of whiteness…May!

  9. Corinne

    Looking forward to reading this. PBS has an interesting program, A Stitch in Time. It seems whatever new fiber emerged, we bought and sewed with it until something new showed up. I remember how fascinated we were with polyesters when thy arrived, Now I avoid them and am back to linen, wool, silk and cotton…. Sea trade increased with the exporting of spices, coffee, tea and textiles….and so we sew….

  10. Thank you, Jude & Nancy, for sharing this book, The Golden Thread! All my life I have been enthralled by the ways the Story & Fiber weave and tangle themselves together. It is even the subtitle to my blog — Sharing Trickster’s Hoard: Spinning Yarns, Weaving Worlds. I can’t wait to begin reading this book! How wonderful it is to be part of a circle like this where gifts are so freely shared with all. Thank you again, Jude, for creating this space & sharing the riches of your imagination & your hands!

  11. Linda

    It was so nice to go back and watch the video of the running stitch. The man’s music and the hearts. That was such a nice class…

  12. Wendy

    Beautiful scenery to look upon daily. The double running stitch is a wonderful way to add a pop of magic. I just love the leaf, it almost has a watercolor look about it. I really like the look of the tiny nest?, in the corner of the leaf. Maybe a place to curl up in under the dappling shade of said tree from whence the leaf came from. Had me daydreaming there for a minute. What a lovely gift and treasure is the book you received. Hope you are having a lovely and wonderful day.

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