jude hill spirit cloth

Not Enough

Today I was going to publish April's Newsletter.

But I don't have enough to say.  It's Spring and that is news enough.


get lost in it

I have removed all pinnings and things from the Deep Pool of Thought.

Time for a reset.

To the Zone


  1. Vi

    Deep pool of Thoughts stirring….coming and going …..
    How very beautiful.
    Fat , little, grounded Robbin…such a happy picture since I don’t see them here.

  2. sharon

    no matter how many times we revisit a cloth (or a season), there’s always more to ponder. the folds in deep pool invite us to dive in.

  3. Dhyana Winant

    I love the reset times. I open my hands and release all that I was, all that I knew, and all my usual ways of living. The universe will talk and I will listen.

  4. Kristin A Freeman

    My first wonderful robins arrived on Saturday…..spring is trying to fully make her arrival and yet I awoke to three inches of snow yesterday. Sun is shining today and I am listening for the robins.

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