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Nobody in my Boat


I have been thinking a lot about story.  And probably I will be talking about it more.

A while back I created a story cloth that I called  In The Same Boat.  It is no longer with me here.   Yesterday, suddenly another story began. Not In The Same Boat.

I guess depending on your perspective, both stories could be true at the same time.


We all can feel it.

Even when we are not alone.

Just like together. We can feel that.  Alignment.  Alliance.

Even when we are alone.


There were scraps.  All together in a basket.

Just there. Together.  And I used them to build a stray self.  Alone.

Nobody in your boat,  floating, staying afloat.   Become a buoy then?  Alone and useful.

A thread could be a lifeline.



  1. I just mentioned this line to J. this past weekend.
    “Down here next to me in this lonely crowd…” – Bob Dylan, I Shall Be Released.
    Always spoke to me, I know this well.
    I like your boat 🙂

  2. Well, you know that I’m just swimming in all of this… You once connected boats and baskets for me. Vessels- empty and full. Sometimes the boats carry me, sometimes I am the boat, sometimes they’re just a wish. As much as I love alone, there was a bout of loneliness a few weeks ago, hard to stay afloat sometimes. Sorry I can’t pull these thoughts together into something coherent. ox

  3. dewey

    if you have been in the same boat for a while, hoist the anchor and set sail
    a change of scenery is always a good thing

  4. Els

    Ahhh your stray boat reminds me of Hazel’s 🙂
    Many moons to watch over its safe journey and eyes in the waves . . . quite a story already 🙂

  5. Kristin A Freeman

    this is a story that rings like a clear bell to me. Thanks, Jude, for another wonderful presentation of life’s journey challenges in a poetically beautiful piece of writing.

  6. jeri

    Alone until something, someone new is added. It can happen in an instant if you’re open to it, if you watch for it. If you want it.
    You might even be able to help it happen. If you are willing.
    Yes, so much food for thought here.

  7. Many threads weave a story. Perspective and persistence is key. Once my sister and I talked about a particular incident we experienced when we were kids. We both told it very differently. Even when in the same boat…

  8. Jana

    Ditto with Vi — learn lots of big and small things here. So lovely to know there’s a place that will pop up and offer treats for the day. We’re here with you, there with you as much as one can be.

  9. Vi

    …and what poise this stray self has…..
    Every bit of cloth and thread, giving us the chance to be drawn into a story… Allowing…..

    I learn lots of big and small things with your posts…
    Each one is an adventure. Some make me think , some make me laugh and some do both….thank you for that.

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