jude hill spirit cloth

Who Knows?

Quilting complete, quilted with waves, this one called In The Same Boat.  Aka, now,  The Spirit of Adventure. Are they making waves or riding waves?  Maybe both.  After looking things over here and a little back and forth with WordPress help,  we have decided I have to change the theme here because the one I am using is causing a problem due to my overcomplicated set up. They say it should be OK  but I don't know what will happen.  The best case scenario will be a change in the way things look, the worst, well, let's no think about it.  If it falls apart, I will just go back to gardening and call it a day. So hey ho, I will bring the site down on Friday night and make the change.  And then try to cobble (not unlike cobblecloth)  it all back to order.  I will either be back by April 1 Or Not.

But,  I could just leave it, and someday in the future it will all collapse and then call it a day.  What would you do?

This storycloth is done, and reserved from a while back,  but I am not sure when I will let it go. I keep holding it.


  1. Yvonne

    I just can’t imagine not having your pages to look at, be inspired in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep….hoping there will be somewhere to connect with you at the other end.

  2. I love that there is always the garden (although it is pouring buckets of rain at the moment). As for what to do? Well… I am a firm believer if it causes more stress than happiness it’s time for change. What happens happens. Sending love and wishing a “fair wind.”

  3. Acey

    i love the blue velvet. it would hold it for that reason until the right other-holder was revealed. is it amazing outside, or what???

  4. If it takes more than it gives, it would be time to go. Still haven’t dealt with the computer that broke 7 months ago. I’m glad you’re holding onto this piece, holding the story of the two of you, wherever you might be or go.

  5. Mmm…I guess I’d say, whatever you do, please don’t go away entirely. Just to be here, to travel with on this crazy trail…it’s enough. Love to you Jude. xo

  6. Deb VZ

    Technology is so helpful when it works and so exhausting when it doesn’t. Just very grateful for everything you have shared…would sorely miss you (and Soul-o) should this be “it” but also understand.

  7. my phone has been crapping out in the last few days. I have no idea how to even TRY to figure anything out. I wait for Alyssia. But this morning, pretty much Nothing worked. I realized i am like one of Skinner’s rats. I think i had
    an anxiety attack. Really. I’ve never had one before so, not sure, but i think so. it was after some pretty wierd
    all night dreaming. The frosting on the cake. I suddenly was able to remember how to click into the Hot Spot and
    and RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could click into Gmail, click to see what you had put here. a FLOOD of RELIEF.

    and then the Goats were here, outside this window and i saw the SUN shimmering. Went back to sleep for
    a little while and woke back up to a semblence of my ordinary self.

    and what i think is if you can just manage to show up as close to every day as you want to and just put a
    pic of what you are working on….maybe just a scrap, a fragment, something that has rooted on your
    window sill……that would be enough. But i can’t imagine my world without at least that.

  8. As snicklefritzin43 said … everything here is a treasure on our journey, much appreciated. I had to change themes and platforms on a web site once. It takes a while to sort out or cobble back together, but liked it better in the end. Anything you send, whenever you might send it, will be welcomed. Nature is calling us to come out and rejoice and play!

  9. Janet

    Both names are perfect in their own way. In the Same Boat could be said of so many situations and times in our lives. Spirit of Adventure- that just captures it all, doesn’t it? I love that name! Little ones in a big, big world. This reminds me of the Bantry Boat in Ireland. Carved on an ancient stone pole put in the ground 1000 years ago. ⛵️ 🌎 💙 🌍 ⛵️

  10. snicklefritzin43

    waves are wonderful to ride when you’re in a good sailboat…or perhaps on a great surf board with skills well developed. Change, going with the flow, always seems the best way for the ride. Letting go, absolutely challenging, but an important lesson to learn and practice. Reading your words, seeing your photos, listening to your recordings, all treasures in my life’s journey. Be well, and may your boat find the best waves possible for you.

  11. Carol

    I’d let it unfold as it does. Those who follow you understand the issues with the technology. I don’t know if I would have had your patience and perseverance but this is your creation and in that regard I’m sure I’d be determined to get back to a place of knowing that you’ve been able to share as much or as little as you want without technology problems.

  12. Jan Stevenson

    It is spring after all. Always a tricky time for electrical stuff. Our brains included. My laptop went to the computer hospital yesterday. I’m listening to crows at the moment. There were owls yesterday on my walk. Gentle gardening today, and more time at the drawing table.

  13. the winged-one brought to mind “The Owl and the Pussycat” … and I’m thinking owls and cats do indeed have similar features (those pointed ears especially) … hope the stormy seas of blog-land settle down into a gentle going

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