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Good Morning

There's just no end for my love of light through a cat's ear.  Soul-o has become a ham.

The dye po(e)t was out on the porch all winter and became a bit of a compost pail.  It froze and thawed over and over. much of the liquid evaporated.  I will add some back and boil it up today.  I hope to build an outside fire pit soon.

Paper beast  before breakfast.  But more about that after considering a few things.

I think this site will be down for a bit this week or maybe I can make some changes without hiding. We'll see.  Days of sun and unseasonable warmth will keep me unplugged for a bit anyway.  Happy Day.


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  2. Fumiko Wellington

    Dyepots are a fine reminder that some of what we say will be remembered, even if the way it manifests changes over time.

  3. Oh that Soul-O!!! Gosh it’s been so long already, yes? Love the paper beast pic and wondering what will come out of the dye pot next! May your Spring dyeing days be fun!
    I have a copy of India Flint’s first eco dyeing book I’m ready to let go of (I’m not really dyeing in the new place).

    • jude

      I’m not doing that much except for indigo and yellow earth (pom and whatever falls from the trees) Gonna use up what I have here and then make do and use up the cloth as well.

  4. Sharon Koch

    mmmmm… “here comes the sun, little darlin’, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter…” spring has sprung! wooohooooo…

  5. Jana Jopson

    Paper beast … reminds me that my own knotty beast (ego) is no more than paper. Good morning for that to appear (or disappear as the case may be).

  6. that time of year – outdoor gardens beckon and tussle with indoor art for time. Outdoors is winning right now. And that’s ok. I love my gardens! well, my art too but I’ve certainly given it plenty of time: daily since Nov 1, 2 challenges daily since Feb 1. So I don’t feel as if I’m neglecting it. Time to start steaming flowers onto paper anyways….need a good garden for that so one supports the other.

  7. I am working with paper this morning. Lots of little snowballs of paper for Widget to chase. 🙂 It’s supposed to rain here today but I am hoping to get out for at least an hour or so. No matter what, there are tomato seeds to plant.

    • jude

      oh soul-o loves paper. No matter what there are always seeds to plant. It sooooo warm, probably we will see some cold weather still. My indigo is not sprouting, I might have to order seeds.

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