jude hill spirit cloth

No Rhyme, Reason or Particular Order…

But a sense of all those things

This Just Going, my style of keeping at it, it can be unnerving to some.  My Dad was always after me to finish things, have a plan.  At least when I was just starting out...because even as I look back it is hard for me to even remember what my reasons were for most things. Just that there was no Rhyme or Reason or Particular Order to me.

Yet, a sense of direction always remained.  And direction becomes circular.  And I become smaller.  After a life is lived long enough.

dividing a self

path, selves as slices of time


Perhaps, in terms of composition, this is my beginning to get the figure, the beast self, to be less important. And just part of something bigger. Maybe even encouraged by the breaking of the blue glass a few posts back.  A freeing and a letting go.

So let me speak, before I go outside to meet this glorious day. Tomorrow, today will be yesterday here.   mysterycircle


  1. The circle of all of this- in thoughts, movement, visual, imagination… is a warm filling (& feeling). I sure wish I could think into words how I feel at the sight of your beasts, they reach something in my heart.

  2. Sharan

    It occurs to me that any piece of artwork is merely a snippet/moment of experience which is part of a larger whole or continuum so purposely placing pieces open at the edges is so meaningful …

  3. Always love your stories, symbols and metaphors. Circles and spirals are so good because you work on so many levels … and some go so deep. Thank you again for the sharing.

  4. Sharon Koch

    this piece illustrates “tomorrow, today will be yesterday here” beautifully… like a page from a children’s book. somehow, you became that illustrator after all. the “split” composition is brilliant, especially on the diagonal. my mind is spinning like a merry-go-round. wheeeee….

  5. The way the cut moons expand the cloth, the story and how it would be so different with whole moons on a bound, finished square…how the version above invites the viewers in, instead of being a presentation…which leads my mind to process vs product in the preschool world. Okay, that was enough thinking for this morning! lol

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