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Travel Well

Cloth seems to have a memory. The kind we have. But actually cloth does have it's own kind of memory.  Retaining a lot about how it was handled, worn and rescued. Loved. Ha! Like us then...

I finally "finished" this one.  Because it feels like enough. Even though it seems like I could mend it into being forever.  In Memory of our Michelle. I notice how my eyes come to rest after a while, on the Karma-Patch. There is true peace for me there.  In how it is.  And then how I feel about it.   I realize storycloth is a ceremony, a celebration for me.  How I can, because I want to celebrate it all.

a special thread

A few strands of magic thread were added.  Magic now in a way to connect the cloth-world created and imagined, to this one that feels real. A thread from Here to There.


The other side is raw, just the map of getting through it.  The sadness. Through it to...well,  Joy.  The Joy of a life. Wanting to share how that feels.

Michelle sent me and old worn out silk robe years ago.  I might just give a dip in the Indigo vat and let it become something. A story for another day.

Click the heart drawing for another version of fringe.


  1. Jude~ This post and all of the comments, such great story, such great heart, such great love. Many of my own thoughts reflected as well. Today my eyes really find solace and rest in her wings, touching center, in the way she blends, comes out and rises…almost being seen even more or in a different light…and the compass-like stitching on the flower-sun, giving her…giving us, direction. Thank you Jude for sharing here as we remember Michelle together, as well as on our own. xo

  2. Sharon Koch

    the story of silk… exiting the cocoon. taking flight. crossing over. it glows. the woven velvet patches on your jeans in the fringed heart video look comfy.

  3. Dakotah

    When I read here I see/feel how we are all connected.
    My FIL passed in September and sometimes I feel it like a gut punch. But at the same time he never really left because we talk to him a lot. It’s a nice skill to have. And he is having wonderful experiences now instead of staying home trying to breathe.
    I knew Michelle was special to you and others. I’m sure she appreciates being remembered in such a loving and lovely way. 🥀🌺🌸

  4. Marti

    The thread of friendship, of love, of memory and how it simply enfolds us. I often go to Michelle’s other blog, her blog of photos, of thoughts, of life titled, Somewhere Sometime. There have been moments when I have noticed something on my walks that brings forth Michelle and I think of her, of her love for her streets, the beauty she found in the every day, her joy in connecting with fellow New Yorkers she met on her travels… and I smile because Michelle, somewhere, sometime, is here and will always be in the mists, memories and wanderings of all of us who were privileged to know her.

  5. grace

    this is just so great….the timing…
    yesterday i was trying to make some sense out of that back room and there, on top was the sundress she
    sent me…to cut up and USE and i just sat down and went to NYC in my mind. To her apartment that i
    know like the back of my hand and we spent some time looking out her window at her “canyon”. Decided
    to take a walk and did but then suddenly i thought….She’s FREE now!, so i brought her HERE. She sat
    across from me at the Everything table. i lit some Nag Champa and we Sat Zazen. I got up and cooked, we talked during, laughing
    storytelling Wondering and wondering about if i could buy a new set of Inktense Pencils, that it would be
    a huge extravagance, because i want the BIG one
    and she shrugged her shoulders and smiled that smile and we ate the stirfry. Together.


  6. Linda

    loved hearing the music from the man. good memory of us all together then. Miss Michelle too and it’s a good cloth for her journey.

  7. The beast at the top breaking through the ridged line really tugs at my heart. Rising through the veil. I have sort of an internal compass map of where some of the ragmates I’ve come to know best live, in relation to me. I feel an empty space south of you where Michele used to be.

  8. Yes, the crown. I remember a Judaic teacher saying, ” Never forget your crown, Never forget who you are”
    Loved the fringed heart video, just working on some broken hearts.

  9. Caro

    To me it looks like a hat that really is a crown. A feminine feeling with the dark red that would be situated by the forehead. Very proud and strong.
    To wear for the important journey.
    Just beautiful and powerful

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