jude hill spirit cloth

Time. Again.

This cloth. Well some of you remember.  I made this one for Glennis to use as a display at  Quilt Festival  years ago.  And then someone wanted to purchase it and I needed to do a little work on it first and then that person disappeared and it got folded up for a while and well Time flies. ( you can view a little video of it flying over at Instagram if you follow me there ...) Glennis dyed most of the silk shibori and the center's base is an old linen tablecloth from Grandma that was dipped in the magic blue.  Anyway it's still here.  It measures about 55" square. I put the ties on for the show display.  Another large cloth.  The pile is growing.  Just to bring it here then, a story will likely unfold.

We are expecting a bit of snow tonight.

And this is a very old drawing (1969), just altered the figure to be more beast like.

I came across it while scanning a lot of loose pages.

And it interests me.  I was younger then, a lot younger. A senior in high school.


Time seemed the same.


  1. I like Grace’s word choice in regards to you…museum fits. The beast in me loves the drawing, as one who not an early bird! I was just thinking about time in relation to that this morning, thinking how I need to start rising earlier in prep for when work opens. My internal clock is never set that way. I was telling J. how Michelle used to come & go…rise & sleep at all hours…whatever her body dictated. However, I will be a working girl again somewhat soon. Sigh. Also, as for the passing of time and the whole those born in 2000…etc. how do these newscasters keep getting younger and younger? This intelligent young man the other night looked like a 12 year old!! Yikes.

  2. Sharon Koch

    what we’ve created seems like a bookmark in time. when we bring it out, we open to that place in our story. it’s as though no time has passed, yet we see it with new eyes. a conversation with our younger self.

  3. i love the timeless feel of this – time does march on – but 1969 simply was not that long ago (I was 3 years out of high school). That anyone born in 2000 is now “legal” amazes me, as does the age of my 1981 son, the youngest of 2. Still, when I read what I wrote (I don’t have much in the way of drawings from then – just a couple from high school) it just wasn’t that long ago. I love all of your work – maybe it’s because each piece comes with its own story. and stories are my thing.

  4. Jana Jopson

    This has me thinking (again) about what I sleep under, what settles over me as I pull up the covers.

    Good to see this quilted wonder on a lovely spring morning … after a day and night of heavy storms. Have you slept under these beautiful blue night skies and moons … just curious if you try them out.

  5. Jen NyBlom

    it’s always interesting to see one’s past work with today’s eyes.
    It all was so long ago, yes? but happened in blink of an eye…
    I’ve been thinking about time a lot, too.

    i love seeing glimpses of your older work, fun to see the metamorphosis!!

    (If I had a chance to purchase that quilt, I do not think I’d “disappear” HA! More like haunt your door… ;-D )

  6. Alice

    Your high school drawing might have been prophetic. It seems to reflect the way many people are feeling in these days of Covid and closure. To me, it seems more like time has speeded up, although that might be because, as I’ve gotten older, it requires a lot more time to get things done than it used to.

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