jude hill spirit cloth

More or less than expected…

The kinds of days where you need less.

After laboring for so long over   more    .

A rare moment of sunshine in the last few days when all there has been is rain.  Never a shortage of water here.  Maybe to much? Hard to know.

coloring up

I am in transition.  I say that with the awareness of the varying degrees with which this sense exists within all of us.  Respect for that.  Without the drama.  Just what it is.

I know this might be hard to read , but it is meant to be a metaphor.

how one thing might become another

Sometimes we resist change. Even in the smallest ways. Without realizing it.  We hang on to some old thoughts as if there will never be anything else.  Maybe because others expect the same thing from us, over and over.  Maybe because we do too.

But then, I sit, and say to myself, like I love to do...

What is life really, but simply the evolution of form?

what's new in the zone


  1. CJ

    I took a huge step on my path this week and finally happiness is evolving again. New steps in my future once again. And a clean out. A huge tote of shells we dug up for two years….now I am carrying back to the Gulf one bag at a time. Ha!

  2. The way these cloths come together, not really will nilly, but in a way as if they always belonged. All of those stitch stories hanging out together 🙂

  3. sharon

    thinking about the evolution of form taken by the cotton fiber of a plant, spun, woven, dyed, cut apart, sewn together… to become part of these magical wall-hangings.

  4. Helen Lee

    Loved reading your words woven through your metaphor. It felt like I was playing hide and seek with the beasts 😊
    I received a jolt this week which brought embarrassment and humility…a realisation about myself that made me change. It was good…very good. It brought a lightness.

  5. Jeri

    Transitioning is a lot of work, but will pay off.
    Here’s an eye opener… we filled up 3 pods for our move, the 4th and last is this week.
    I don’t miss a single thing! What a horror!
    Granted, we sell online and have a lot of inventory but still…
    I see BIG change coming my way! Will anyone recognize me, do I care? At this stage of my life, I think not.

  6. Love the raw sketchy lines of your big cloth. I used to cling out of fear of what else might be, better “the devil you know” sort of thing. Also used to wish for flashing neon signs, ta-da changes, but now am glad for slow evolutions of self-a softer kinder way, rather than big reveals where I might not recognize myself.

  7. ‘What is life really, but simply the evolution of form?’ So true! Everything in the Cosmos is changing every moment at every level — micro to macro, outer & inner. Sometimes (especially lately) I have to remind myself that it is all a Dance — As someone once said,
    “I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.” Then I remember to feel gratitude for being part of the dance.

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