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Crossing Over


The critter guard is up.  Was a lot of work but work is good for you.  And the daffys,  all that I planted scattered through woods, they came up and the the deer don't like them. Each year I will broaden the circle. Plant them along the paths.

just growing

This starry moss is everywhere.

There is no new clothwork here today, but I have picked the cloth I call Grow, to be the large cloth to  continue with for this season.  I will record the happenings in the natural world here, in one way or another.  Until it all goes to sleep once again.  Right now it is hanging inside, looking at me. Not for long.  I will hang it outside,  let it breathe . Wake up.

The porch roof needs to be fixed. There is mold in it.  Because it butts into the back side of the roof, the rot has moved there,  so that needs to be replaced as well.  Wish me luck.  The good news is we will put some glass panels on the porch roof and it will become a nice growing space in the warmer months.  For plants and cloth. The not so good news is $.  Penniless but porch-full. OK.

I have posted in the Zone today, not Wednesday but I will be busy this week with some stuff... The moon thingie is your gateway. Just saying because some new folks have joined. ( thank you).

to the Forever Zone...


  1. Lynn

    Love your pretty starry moss, Jude. Haven’t seen this in The Land of Oz Down Under! Your Grow cloth is enormous and look forward to seeing work growing on it. Here we have mould galore as we have had terrible floods throughout the country depriving thousands of people of their homes, sometimes lives, and all belongings. We are experiencing the effects of La Nina. A couple of days ago, in suburbia, we had one month’s worth of rain on one night. Very rarely a sunny day but love that. It will rain until August…..

    • jude

      can’t decide which is worse, no water or too much water. I suppose in between would be great. …hardly ever happens that way, but what stories!

  2. Liz

    I so enjoy seeing your cloths evolve over time. I’m looking forward to the journey you go on with this one. I’ve got a little pile of small beginnings that are grounded in a place I walk and swim regularly. Such a privilege to see the same piece of land through the seasons.

    • jude

      when I document with a large cloth it brings me back to my beginnings.
      “Through the Seasons” would be a swell large cloth…

  3. Jen

    Yes, deer are NOT fond of daffys, thank goodness! (rabbits won’t eat them either)—LONG past that season here (altho the weather has been most erratic this year–ugh) Mowing the grass and watching beans sprout and tomato plants grow! (mind-blowing, yeah?!)
    No new cloth tales for me yet–all time is spent in the gardens (& now the kids have a house—so helping with THEIR yard–oy!)
    ….i’m tired.

    LOVE Grow, can’t wait to see it do just that!

  4. The daffs will multiply. We put one bulb every here and there in the dahlia bed three years ago and this year it’s nearly full of daffodils.

    I feel your $ pain. Our deck floor has rotted and is dangerous so we are replacing the deck with very low maintenance (because poor maintenance is why it’s rotting) composite decking. Yikes!

  5. Helen Lee

    I need to hang outside to breathe and wake up too!
    I’d love to dance with ‘Grow’ on the line 😊
    Great fence, beautiful moss and daffodils…they’re just about gone over here now. So good that the deer don’t like them.
    Your porch will be even more wonderful.

    • jude

      yeah I need the same, wake up, wake up.

      yes it’s the birthing of season and it doesn’t last long. looking forward to that first green. the transparent energy of it.
      and the porch, growing on the porch…

  6. Wyonne

    What state do you live in too see flowers and green. I live in Decorah Iowa. that is the northeast way northeast corner I see nothing green and hear only the wind but I do have a pet robin she comes for the dried meal worms and cut up strawberries one year she nested in our garage above the car so we left the door open until she moved I feed a lot of birds and squirrels. but 5 deer were stomping in my small yard last eveI wish they would move out of town

  7. sharon

    oooooooooooH! glass panels on the porch roof! more luxurious sun spots for soul-o to lay on his back ‘n take naps!

  8. Dhyana Winant

    The moon thingy is password protected, yes? Just wondering what that is about. Love getting your posts in my email. I cry with longing for a life close to the land like you have.

  9. jeri

    Ha! Crossing over… that made me laugh. I have crossed over to crazy town myself! Do you remember moving and when you get down to the last of it, you don’t know what to do with it and it is making me anxious and I’m tossing and thrifting out whatever my hand touches.
    We do not NEED so much STUFF! 6 more days….
    Love your garden and starry moss, so pretty!

  10. Vi

    Plants and cloth…oh, it doesn’t get much better than that combination!
    Love the starry moss.
    Really looking forward to see how “Grow” will record it’s happenings thru the season….this inspires…and brings so much joy…..thank you for that.

  11. Mart

    Grow….I’m not sure that I could have identified it as “Jude’s” ! 💚💙
    Excited to see it grow..,,.

    I wonder if you realize how you inspire us with each REAL post? 💚💙

    • jude

      well I don’t know but it is inspiring that folks follow.
      I always felt a quilt was a kind of documentary. This one will be a map of season and I look forward to it.

  12. Kristin

    Love your garden fencing!👏🏼👏🏼💖 Daffodils everywhere welcoming spring is a good thing. Repairing the porch roof and adjacent damage will bring a glorious bright space for some of your gloomy winter days!💖😊😊😊💖

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