jude hill spirit cloth

Fallen is part of it

This tree fell before we moved here.  There were many.  Some closer to the house, which we cut and split and burned.  All  fell during Hurricane Sandy years back, according to neighbors.  But this one, fallen across the wall that separates one lot from another.  This one stays.  A fox lives in there, and it is beautiful , each year, more moss.  I sit here a lot.

I am looking for some green velvet, I know it is in one of the baskets here.  From mom's favorite dress up jacket,  I used it before.  For moss.  On the Tree House quilt, and Listen to the River.   I am looking forward to the cloth I call Grow.   Adding to it.   The large slow cloths reveal my roots.

My youngest brother, the now retired botanist and teacher, sent me a recent photo , the garden side of Listen to the River, in the garden.  Keeping things warm.  This was one of my first truly 2 sided blankets.

The small cloth self and the large cloth self are at the big round table today, talking things over.  Selves come in handy these days of less social interaction.


  1. a similar fallen tree here…huge…huge glorious living space…
    but Tay is so diligent. i’m not sure the fox that passes through could
    be comfortable. But small things, though,
    OH so MANY small things
    I love how it smells

  2. Love the tree…like the children’s book “Log Hotel” 🙂 I also can’t help but think of the recent news stories about the twice biting DC fox!
    This is the quilt that has stolen my heart…and that velvet. I remember it…must feel so good to touch. sigh.

  3. jeri

    I could look at this quilt for a LONG time! So much to see, so many stories. I can’t help but think when I look at your work the hours and hours of stitch that have gone into them and it just amazes me. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts as you go along on these journeys.

  4. sharon

    ah! how lovely the weaving of grasses, wood, stone ‘n earth in the upturned roots! perhaps a predecessor to your outdoor loom…

  5. Kat Scott

    I wandered thru “Listen to the River” and the desire to reach out and touch it was a physical thing….. the structure of the cloth itself so beautiful — then you stitched stories (magic) thru it and it sings…

  6. Joan Hinchcliff

    This whole post just puts a smile on my face , such beauty in your land and your cloth, it just comes forward as a smile on my faceJ. Thanks for that, too few smiles around lately.

  7. anniedehgan

    The quilt in the garden gave me a quiet chuckle. I did the same one time that I ran out of old blankets. My son discovered it and gave me heck for using an unfinished quilt to protect the plants. I told him it was washable and not to fret about it.

  8. Jana

    Garden side of Listen to the River — looks like a garden as it lies there on the earth, fields of goodness. Gladdens the heart to see this photo of beauty and loving hand making.

  9. lisa thomson-author

    Oh my goodness, that large cloth is stunning. Is that called ‘grow’? And your images on flickr of Listen to the River and the Treehouse! Both so incredible and amazing to see your process in the images. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, Jude.

  10. green velvet, moss
    moss is just really special (well at least I think so)
    what I find fascinating is that it can shrivel up, seemingly dead and then it rains and tada! it jumps back to life
    also it is very tactile, like velvet, like i imagine your quilt is

  11. Cj

    Green velvet! Moss! Music to my ears!
    I’ve nearing completion of my “folliw me to velvet island” wall quilt with its green velvet island. Even melted its beautiful!
    Downed trees for the win!

  12. I love the tree trunks that have been left in my garden. I am wondering if one of them has a opossum living in it. I have decided there is always room on a big cloth. Love the green center.

  13. Helen Lee

    Listen to the River was the one that got me hooked. I sat, slowly scrolling, uttering whispered oohs and aahs. It’s nearly twelve years ago, but I remember the joy….and the green velvet 💚💚💚
    A fallen tree is a thing of beauty 💚💚💚

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