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Yesterday. Flow

Yesterday  was a very special day.

We spent hours outside, walking the property. Making paths. Looking.  Sitting on rocks.

I became unstuck.  I didn't even realize I was stuck until unstuck happened.

A spring has sprung in our (let me stop thinking about "mine")  the woods here.

I wore my Bird Robe.

I stopped thinking about this robe as in process for a while, but I am always adding to it.

This stitched spin,  one of the first symbols I considered has been on the robe since almost the beginning.

a liquid hug?


Spin, today, now considered a kind of flow.  The whirlpool.

And going in circles, a kind of going, I forget sometimes, is ok.

It is a direction.

I can change my perspective and imagine it rising  me up instead of sucking me down.

It often rises up when I am stitching round and round anyway.   Who needs flat?

While walking I realized what I love about this land is that it is not flat.


I remember stitching the first stitches on this large cloth project, By The Sea.

And today it is raining.

I am aquarius/pisces


  1. Allie

    Yes! Sometimes we do realise we’re stuck until we feel the seam give and suddenly we’re unstuck. Just like sometimes we think we’re going round and round in a circle when really it’s a spiral…….

  2. Ah, that stream! Like Jude’s own CALM app 🙂 We listened for a bit together.
    I tried putting one of my daily rings back on yesterday. It felt too awkward and with so much washing all of the time, I just took it back off, even if I wanted to and thought I was ready to go back to my rings, I was not.

  3. JayJay

    Full moon tomorrow.
    In “our” Oregon wetlands it is the Frog Moon.
    Then Spring Equinox the 20th.
    A good time to get unstuck and start blooming…

  4. Becky McQueen

    The stream is such a beautiful sound. I know exactly what you mean about calling the land “mine”. It just doesn’t feel right. We are the the caretakers and protectors of this land for as long as we are able.❤

    • jude

      considering going broke and buying an additional parcel behind us, just to keep it safe a little while longer. But then just how longer is longer…

  5. CJ

    Walking. Paths. Rocks. Hills.
    Spring! I so miss the more dramatic and surprising changing of seasons. Glorious for you!!! 🍀🌳🌱🌼🏞️

      • Jana

        Having land to walk is wonderful. Stewardship of it is the challenge, even the quarter acre my house sits on … to learn the trees and shrubs, what they need and don’t need. I apologize regularly, but probably not enough.

        Flow, clouds or water… movement that is alive soothes, centers and grounds me. Creating anything after taking in that blessing, flows.

  6. sharon

    soooooo happy u wore the bird robe!!! have u ever woven bracelets or earrings? today the plum trees stand like enormous bouquets of white blooms erupting from the earth ‘n the black walnut tree is awakening. unstuck is on the move. x

    • jude

      no. not really, I am not much of a “jewelry” person, Always seems to be in my way. I have even lost the rings in recent years, with covid and everything, washing hands all the time and stuff. and digging in the dirt. the robe is way useful for me.

  7. Luna

    I love the symbol of the spin you’ve created with all its references to life forces. I might add that for me spinning is an act/process of creation as I spin my sheep wool. The spin pulls together the fiber and holds them, Gently or tightly. Depending on the energy flowing through my hands onto the wool it can look different every day.

  8. walking the land … making paths … oh, how I miss those things … it is good to know that you have these joys close at hand … even as I share in your missing the sea

    the constants are cloth and stitch … how they are ever-present … the through-lines of days

  9. Pam S.

    I like your whirlpool view of the spin stitching instead of my view of a hurricane 😬
    and love the little stream with trickling sounds 💙✌🏼

    • jude

      maybe it’s about speed, it can be all things spinning.
      Yes, moving water, it comes and goes here, the ground is liquid, the rocks hold it.

  10. roslyn cook

    I love that robe. I made one when you did the course and ended up gifting it. I would love to make another for myself. I love the colours of yours.

  11. Jen

    Oh Jude!
    Yesterday, I slowly began to unfurl, uncurl, open, rise up ( love, love, love the upwards whirlpool idea, hm yes! Like birds riding thermals, up up up and away!!) Nature heals. Love your Spring, that has sprung forth …
    (Yes, I too am bad about “my”….🤦‍♀️)
    Doing a little stitching this morning, and then; back out to the garden today….the birds are serenading the world!
    May you continue to feel uplifted!

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