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A renewed sense of Path

Finally.  The real edge of spring seems real.

We have  a path now.   Through our  woods.  To the trials over the ridge.  Our neighbors use it too.  It is working out ok. So far. Once the trees fill out, we probably will not see them or hear them walking through. The ATV though, we will have to talk. We need a limit on that, which is fair enough.

an ancient method for going


And going has returned to a feeling of normal I guess.  I let go of many things in my head.  A need for slower going and even a redefinition for going itself has become apparent.  But just the sense of it,  at least that,  needs to remain.   All the unfinished around me is no longer feeling like the unfinished,  just feeling like a welcome to rest in the beauty of it.

a way in or through or even out

I started a new project just to see if it would fire me up.  Small.  Small Cloth.   A little "patchwork in perspective",  literally.   And it was a piecing challenge, small as it was. Challenge clears my head and steers focus away from a self center.  Just a little something, as long as it took.  It captures the time it took.

I pinned it to a Nest of Days and I love how it invites you in.  How the perspective changes the sense of scale.

The howling beast  is new too. I am not sure.  But we'll see.  It didn't take much time.

new diary entry in the Zone, it is Wednesday


  1. Luna

    A direction comes in to view. Amidst the chaos of the unfinished. The expected. The path through Indecision. Am I brave enough?

  2. Ingrid Johnson

    I wonder if you realize how much of what you say resonates with us/me.
    Reading this post, I too need to ‘let go of things in my head’ and redefine just what I want to do and what I need to do. Slow down, and not worry about all the works in progress and maybe say ‘no’ sometimes.
    Thank you for your wisdom and I too love your small cloth and pathway to ……

    • jude

      I have a sense of relief suddenly. i am not being driven by should or even could. besides the more I just look, the more I actually see.

      • Kat Scott

        sometimes when I really look I am overwhelmed by everything I see and my desire to share what I see… how to pick a piece to share.

  3. I like the path in the woods. Will like to see it with trees in leaf. When I first saw the path in perspective, my first reaction was “Oooo, I like that!” After reading (post & comments) I realized that I have as much a “thing” for paths as I do for doors. Where do they go? What’s at the end/other side? Adventure and curiosity.

  4. sharon

    yes, the beauty of the unfinished often surpasses the “finished”… the mystery of it. the open door. not knowing where the path could lead. trials becoming trails…

  5. jeri

    Perspective Path… I LOVE it!
    I always find your posts so thought provoking and could write an essay back to you!

    “And going has returned to a feeling of normal I guess”….

    We really don’t realize how fortunate we are when we have a peaceful, solid going. And out I go to pack more boxes.

  6. We live in Sullivan County, south of you…I really wish you well as you deal with the ATV…we have them running up and down our road, which is illegal, so eventually, we have to call the police. These are NOT summer people, but kids of locals…early 20s…we are suppose to “give them a pass” because they don’t have anything else to do…YIKES!

  7. Jen

    Oh, oh! That perspective path AND. a howling beast!! Oooooo….😍😍😍
    But, dammit , atv noise

    This morning, the dense fog is helping to muffle the human noises ( which NEVER stop here, now😵‍💫) but somehow amplify the bird calls this morning, and for that I send up a little “thank you” of Gratitude.
    My heart is grateful for all you share, Jude, and I REALLY like this new Perspective Path! 🤓💓

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