jude hill spirit cloth

Snow Moon’s story

just loose words, compost maybe

a simpler form


Mostly, lately, I feel like my big what if involves saying more than I need to.  What if I just say it all?

An experiment in revelation. Here, there, anywhere, anyone.

Mostly it seems to go very wrong.  Sharing what moves through you might have practical limits then.

I am not sure what that is  but I sense there is an expectation of a wider understanding,  which is probably only imagined when we leave most of who we are to imagination.

But  I am too old to worry about it.

I want to ask what if as many times as I can in the time I have left.

Just to see.  What if the more you reveal about yourself, the more you learn about others?


the blur of tangle



Worm moon is coming.

Named for obvious reasons.  The earth is warming.  Things will wake up, move, go.

We walked yesterday.  Snow is gone,  water everywhere.  That big tree, that fell over, yes, water rises from below.  Fills the hole and now overflows as a small stream beneath leaves. We need firewood but we will leave this tree, it is like a birth mother.

I like to imagine that when I fall over,  the space I occupied will be filled with something as beautiful as this.

Something beyond my obviously small words.

But that's the best I got.

Suddenly I looked at this photo and thought,  "losing ground".  And it seemed a beautiful revelation.

filling, filled, spilling over


  1. Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting for the words to come. Sometimes it’s starting with the words we’ve got, just describing what we see. Lots of times they start with…. “I think..” 🙂

    Lots of beauty here.

  2. Her expression invokes so much. She is beautiful.
    When I super enlarge the ‘hole left behind’…it is a whole world in itself and reflections of even more!
    Jude~ You got words, trust me. You got game girl.

  3. Your words are as soft as the cloths they talk about, and the more you reveal about yourself and your process, the more I learn about myself, thank you. As for Spring- “Things will wake up, move, go.”… while springtime allergies put me to sleep, still, slow.

  4. sharon

    what if the mind is like a well? why do we start a sentence with the word, “well, …”? i think transparency is one of the greatest gifts we can give. when we receive it, we feel loved. it’s why i come here. x

  5. Jeri

    I have to agree, there is something so beautiful about a tree laying like that. All those roots exposed. Like baring your soul after you’ve been through a tragedy.
    The tree just gave up or gave in. No more fight left in him/her.
    I feel like this tree today.
    I hope it passes soon and I can be cut up for firewood and serve a new purpose.

  6. Marilee

    A perfect start to the day. Your words and photos, then the geese flying overhead, honking their sonar as they go. Thanks be to Nature. She will adapt, endure long after Mankind and his foibles are beyond memory.

  7. Jan Stevenson

    what if, when we fall over and the water rises fills in where we were, that is when we remember how to swim in all of it.

  8. Jen

    Powerful poetry evoking images, and poetry in the image of the tree well.
    I’ll hold this close today…I am somewhat lost at the present time.

  9. Jen

    There’s poetry if you just look
    Images can be a powerful poetry as well.
    I’m intrigued by the image of your tree well.

    • jude

      the impact of image is built by the mind history and mystery, of could we change that word to mystory?
      tree well, is that a thing? I guess it is a deep hole, fills with mud too, but keeps running.

  10. Vi

    ..Snow moon’s story…so beautiful…..A story of so much Love….
    And the what if’s and wonder It brings along for the ride.

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