jude hill spirit cloth

Worm Moon, Heal Moon

Heal. The cloth I call that.   Heal aka Love.

On the rocks. On the fence. On the line.

Heal on the rocks

Heal on the fence

Heal on the line from the other side

heal on the line, near the fence where it was before. Then, I  guess a fence is a line.

It is foggy after rain all night.  I am not , though... but  I left the wood uncovered.  Not on purpose.  It will be 70 today.  I will move what is left of the wood in the round pile, under the porch.  To dry out. In case we need a few more fires.  This large cloth already has a binding.  I guess at one point it thought it was big enough. Still, I could make it bigger, which gives me something to think about as I work outside.  All Day.  I will stitch on this one tonight.  To feel it again.  Have a good day.


  1. Pam S.

    Love seeing your quilt hanging between the trees! my head is still as grey and cloudy as the weather is stirring up a storm 💨⛈

  2. Ashley

    I am so very moved by this, I can’t express how or why in words but it feels so familiar, like a memory. That first image especially. Sacred, but right there with the earth, on the earth. Fills me up!

  3. Helen Lee

    One of the first in Patchwork Perspective? Love it still. Firewood. I miss the work it needs to prepare for winter. That yearly rhythm.
    We’ve gardened today…so needed…Vitamin Deeeee! Fresh air. Hands in soil. Planting things from pots into the earth 💚
    Your new flowing spring…what a gift.
    Enjoy stitching tonight.

  4. Jana

    On the line with the fog and ghostly trees, like a healing rising up out of the mists. Beautiful piece. Somehow that fogginess makes it seem like I can feel the softness of the cloth from a distance.

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