jude hill spirit cloth

what a day

This is what we did today.

All day.

I couldn't find him...

62 degrees!  Feeling the warmth.  Doing nothing but that.

there was a turkey on the other side of the wall

Not even one stitchJust the day was enough.  It was enough.

And then, just to feel useful...

pulled from the story patch basket

I just pinned a few loose patches to large piece of muslin I have on the wall, it's a loose patch catcher at the moment as I am sorting through, gathering a few that have stories to tell.


  1. Vanessa

    I did not leave the house to go outside today. Don’t know what outside looks like. Just puttered and pondered with some scrap fabric pieces. I need a muslin wall also. But it’s hot here and dinner was sumptuous!

  2. Dakotah

    It’s cold here again in Kansas after a weird week of 80 degree days. I am glad you are getting some warmth there. Nice patches.

  3. Jen

    Taking time to sit (relax) is very important!
    Almost 80 degrees down here this weekend🤯…and then a possible freeze next weekend.😓
    This “all over the map” weather is crazy stuff.
    I mostly puttered and mended the man’s pants.

    Maybe this week, I’ll STITCH while it rains.

  4. Jana

    “Little things mean a lot…” (1954). You are so respectful of little cloths, loose patches. Like the tiny, spring ephemerals.

  5. Great Soul-O pic! I wait all week for the weekend, for my own time…only to end up doing nothing much. Some days I’m okay with that and other times there is a feeling of why am I so unproductive? Then I swing right back again to being okay with it all.

  6. Velma Bolyard

    didn’t it feel weird? and great? there is still so much snow and ice it was sort of battling with the 60 degree windyness. what a day!

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