jude hill spirit cloth

how it always goes

And there you have it.

I just don’t know.

a basket of scrap, I am a basket of scrap

I woke up this morning, opened WordPress

and all my pretty pages have been reformatted, some information disappearing, poof!

Honestly, I am disheartened.

And I don’t know what to do.

Obviously what I had envisioned here is not going to happen.

I need some time to rethink.


  1. I know I’m a few days late, but I wasn’t able to get your new posts for some reason (maybe this caused that). I thought you hadn’t posted this week. What I’ve started doing is, whenever a page is done, or done for now, I right click, print, save as pdf. If need be they can be posted as-is, and at least nothing gets lost that way.

  2. ugh … just ugh …

    I will say that I used to spend a lot of time on formatting … changing picture sizes and column widths and left/center/right alignments … until I realized everything displayed differently depending on the device … and gave up on composing, just focused on getting the words and the pictures down, letting the content speak for itself

    not a very satisfying solution, but perhaps angst-avoidant

    lost content, on the other hand … that’s serious stuff … sigh … good luck

    • jude

      yeah, learning that.
      On further examination, the content is there, just a bit jumbled, so much for trying to be clear, oh ha.

  3. Stephanie

    Been there. Fed lots of energy into the WP monster. Spent the last 12 months pulling myself up out of a very nasty black place. Please take care. Use something simpler and easier on yourself.

  4. Dakotah

    Wow, so sorry to hear this Jude. You aren’t alone. We use WP for our biz and my husband has gone round and round with them. He says they keep trying to modernize and update but really it just creates “a lot of crap”. Apparently the plugins are always a problem.
    I’ve often thought these tech people are simply creating job security for themselves. It’s beyond frustrating.
    Whatever you decide to do that works best for you is probably fine and we can follow along wherever, however. ☮️💜

  5. i don’t know what to say.
    We expect a lot.
    At least we have been able to see what you have envisioned. And to be honest, tho it is Grand, i am just as happy with the old Spirit Cloth
    Way. It was always so Much and continues to be enough.
    Love and Love,

  6. Jeri

    Gosh I hate WordPress and all those plug-ins. I tried using them and wanted to hang myself. You’re a better woman than I!
    I wish you a calm day with the computer genies at your side, helping you fix the problem. Maybe take your lap top outside, at least you will be in the sunshine, maybe the rays will go right into the computer and fix everything!
    Sending calming gentle hugs your way.

  7. Well that really blows. Is the site a WP .org or .com site? Guessing .org.
    That one confuses me. I hesitated switching to it because of that.
    Hope WP can give you the help you need and get it all working smoothly.

  8. Marilee Reyes

    Oh, dear. How frustrating. For me it’s truly a love/hate relationship where computers are concerned. My grandmother would probably have called them the work of the devil and there are times I would agree with her. More power to you for sticking to it.

  9. JayJay

    So sad. Hoping for some magic. I agree with everyone else about keeping yourself nurtured and balanced. It it your creativity we love, It is like you are writing a complex multi-layered interactive book and when it works it is masterful. But as you often say, simple is good. Wish you could get some tech wizard to set it up for you, but I am ignorant of the whole process so maybe it’s not possible…

  10. Kristin Freeman

    Sad to learn of yet another challenge for you. Hopefully today will give you plenty of time for outside and for stitching. Whatever you are able to send is always just fantastic for me 😊💖💖

  11. Helen Lee

    This is definitely a “oh fuck it” moment.

    I’m with everyone else…so sorry Jude. You put so much effort and love into sharing with us, and this is how you’re repaid.

    Sending a huge hug and love over to you. xxxx

  12. Greta wells

    I’m off to Google “why is there no sound when I plug in my earphones?”.
    Been quoting Gilda Radner way too often “ITS ALWYS SOMETHING!!!”. AND I’m joining in with thanks for all you do Jude❤️

  13. Caro

    What a nightmare!!!!
    Seems sooo much time and energy goes into computer/ tech work.
    So sorry Jude.
    For me, really, just daily little steps of your clothwork are enjoyable. The simple life….. like the olden days :-).
    Cant say it often enough:
    Hope you find time to go outside and just be.

  14. Cj

    Well shit! Plug-ins cause so much vulnerability and the exploits of cyber security are so disheartening with all your effort for a full, smooth design. Hoping a backup or glitch that allows recovery. You are trying so hard to give us this beautiful place and feels so heavy on you. I’d rather you just be stitching or breathing fresh air. You truly need a rest, a long rest. We’ll all be here no mater what, where, or even if. Please take care of yourself. Hugs 😘

  15. Jen

    Where the F***is my magic wand!!??
    I hate technology.

    Deep breathing is in order.
    (While trying not to hyperventilate)
    It seems to be a DAILY exercise these days…

  16. So frustrating. If it’s any comfort, you are not alone. I am off to spend my day solving problems…and thankful for the problems I have to solve, or least to be able to keep trying.

  17. Joy

    Remember when they told us computers were going to make life easier? Ha. I still use pen and paper to write my grocery list and jot down phone numbers. Sigh.

  18. Amy

    I just barely started using Instagram, and yesterday I posted a second post, and my first post disappeared….totally gone. I googled, people said “Oh, it will often come back…..just wait.” And in short order it was back, and both posts were there. Maybe the same will happen for you here?

  19. Jane Hudak

    It has got to be so frustrating! I know when I have to wait for my vision to be actualized it can be excruciating. Feel free and let go and let God. Just remember your gifts are numerous and you have brought such joy, knowledge, and beauty into the world. Sending a gentle hug.

  20. amaranda de jong

    And who can blame you dear Jude . I really don’t know how you manage to carry on with all this tech bullshit ,one headache after another, bad luck .But am so GRATEFUL that you do , and I still have this joyous tribe to be part of.Thank you xxxx

  21. deemallon

    Oh crap, really? Every once in a blue moon I have to uninstall and then reinstall, which is a pain because you need some 16 digit code. Still, might be worth a try.

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