jude hill spirit cloth

The greening of self

it's real cold but spring is coming

Feeling it. Feeling grateful.

This is my spot.  Good enough. Even though it is also the living room.  A living studio then.

my little window, ready for a new season

Camera set up forever.

The cloth I call Grow sprouting new eyes

Back to growing new eyes.


And the scallion is my teacher.  Rise up. Probably a good way to change one's perspective. Also washing the windows might help.

I have changed the format here, (what else is new?)  the blog is out front.

To the Zoners:  An email went out this morning . To test the Forever Mailing List. And a page to track the Forever Diaries has been added to the Forever Zone menu in the sidebar here.   If you have joined and did not get the email, check your spam folder and then contact me if you did not receive it. Please contact me by email, not by commenting here. Thank you. 


  1. Kermit was known to sing …

    “It’s not easy bein’ green
    It seems you blend in
    With so many other ordinary things
    And people tend to pass you over
    ‘Cause you’re not standing out
    Like flashy sparkles on the water
    Or stars in the sky

    But green’s the color of spring
    And green can be cool and friendly like
    And green can be big like a mountain
    Or important like a river or tall like a tree …

    It’s beautiful and I think it’s what I want to be”

  2. Ah, this spot!! how I’d love to sit there myself, just to ‘feel’ the space…ya know, be inside of it. Your avocado plant looks great. I love the GROW cloth so much. The colors are soothing with a nice amount of brightness. Off we go a greenin’…it’s the scallion life 🙂

  3. Laura

    A sturdy table, comfy chair, and a big window with lots of light and a good view. Perfect for living beings and perspective.

    • jude

      gosh, with all the storming and the birdfeeder outside the window, yuck. we are in for some really warm days and then another swing, but I think Magnolia made it!

  4. Measuring time by scallions..who would have thought? i love the light through the greens, the window, the camera placement, and being a zoner. Ha! Auto correct wanted to replace zoner with stoner! Must be the California version.

  5. sharon

    for some reason, i’m hearin’ the old beegees’ song… “stayin’ alive… stayin’ alive… i feel like dancin’, dancin’, yeahhhhhhhh… love u, jude! (forever) x

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