jude hill spirit cloth

no direction

to be like thin silk...

Today I don't know which way to turn so I decided to take a deep breath. Many of them.

A thin cloth breathes, maybe that is part of its beauty.  And. Through is a way.

cloth leads me

While breathing  I noticed the rust marks. This patched fragment has been tacked to the wall, so many times,  for long periods of time.  Long enough for the tacks to rust.  Simply because it was humid. I like the way it points the way.  And how it seems a path. In perspective.

Gosh,  the state of the world is exhausting.


  1. CJ

    This breaths such togetherness. The stitches so beautifully side by side. A dot of hope. I was recently turned onto Tonglen…taking and sending. Lots of help on the InsightTimer for these days of anquish for peace.

  2. Jen

    I have had to turn off the news, stand with bare feet on the Earth and lift my face to the sky.
    It is all I know to do.

  3. Peggy McG

    Just Going everyday for me is so peaceful..and I cannot fathom those who must flee or fight. Here we as a community can face the realities of the world and breathe and stitch and reflect on such wonders a delicate piece of cloth holds together by strong stitches. .

  4. jaime

    At the train station in Poland there was a man playing his grand piano. Beautiful music as a gift of humanity to the refugees arriving there.
    Budapest train station has set up food, water, toys for children, language interpreters, rides, shelter at private homes – all by volunteers. No government running this, just people who love. As the news people said last night it is driven by love.
    Don’t give Putin who you are. The horror is easy to see. Let the love touch you.

  5. Caro

    I too feel paralyzed!
    One breath at a time and even that feels like labour.
    Thank you for this place and thank you for the soft, see through moon. So fragile. All so fragile.

  6. Taking breaths with you, noting all of your tiny strong black stitches. Woke up feeling so fragile… wanting to stay in bed. The sun is out now, and there’s cloth to hold (or be held by). Love to you.

  7. sharon

    yes, a way throoooooough… one day at a time. the soft whisper of moon shadows comforts. pieceful borders. let it be. x

  8. the softness of not-quite whites and the sense of stepping stones given by the visible seams

    and then there is this: today is the day to celebrate marching bands (can you feel the thump of a drum deep within?) because … March 4th

    • In my NO NV town the high school band used to practice on the streets. We could hear them coming from the house. My son was two then and he’d get so excited, running outside to catch a peek of them rounding a corner. Now that’s a fine childhood!

      • I’ve been drumming at work this week on a big, short Remo “Community” drum. If only we could all drum together. This morning I went searching for our local PowWow info. This year more than ever this is needed. xo

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