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Both Sides Now


I am happy to see so many bees.  I look forward to next year's garden now that I am a bit more familiar with what will grow here. Rain barrels are the next project. And maybe an ark... just sayin'...


a red line

The red line is drawn. Stitched.  Pressed into the cloth, It seems the beginning of a basket.  I sense so many here already.

And the line came through.

cat hair everywhere

I had spread it on the floor, to look. Covered in cat hair, it's so hot he,  Soul-o,   is shedding so much, I brush him 3 times a day.  Still.

I want to grow as many new eyes as possible

I am considering this. What if ? there are Eye seeds, a field of them.  Eye seeds, too strange?     I think this is a good start. I drew these on the photo...  I will stitch them.

Have a good weekend. It's our anniversary.  Break Time.


  1. kathyd

    I love this piece . what is the size of the squares in the middle of the sun flower ?
    Happy Anniversary!!! mine is next weekend ..51 years !

  2. Sharon Koch

    my heart just starts dancing when i see “feel free” in my inbox. it totally makes sense that new eyes are multiplying in your patchwork garden. what would ear seeds look like? question marks? sharing your J O Y on this glorious day!!! x

  3. Lorna

    I smiled at the eye seeds. With them only in that small section, it felt like they were peeking around the corner from a cozy safe place. Thank you!

  4. “Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields. Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness.”

    Mary Oliver

    P. S. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Marilee

    The “eyes” have it. And the big red circle. Oh, heck. I love everything you do. It’s always about more than just cloth and thread. And happy anniversary.

  6. Marti

    Eye seeds, anniversary eyes…as a long term married, I wish you and the Man, a most special and joyful anniversary.

    Sometimes it takes new eyes to look at a long term relationship and if you are blessed with clear-sightedness, , you will still see something, new, something special, something endearing because love is always seeded by extra care and attention and sometimes, a good down and dirty all out airing of differences! and then you simply continue together. This morning our all out down and dirty airing was my husband of 51 years telling me that no, I should, not put on my garlic clove necklace to go grocery shopping ,at least not if I wanted to go with him…see it is Friday the 13th and I always string a few garlic cloves around my neck to ward off what may go bump in the night…long history of doing so, learned this from my Spanish Mom who used to make my Dad laugh and laugh when she did this…he had no problem with it but told her she could not wear her “special” necklace to bed! And neither have I but that is probably more than you or anyone else wants to know…!

    Enjoy your special 13th day Jude.

  7. deemallon

    Eye seeds get approval from me too! Especially after, for some reason, all the pix of bees. Our Finn has been shedding like mad, too. Never thought to attribute it to the heat. I sweep and vacuum constantly.

  8. janstevenson

    thinking of the eyes on potatoes. and how maybe (definitely!) eyes that can really see what is going on provide a kind of nourishment. . .perhaps the nourishment of trusting ourselves to see and feel. eye seeds that grow into a shared vision. happy anniversary. every Friday 13th, right?

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