jude hill spirit cloth

Coming Around


Humid, way hot,  yet turning.  The light begins to seep through the tired foliage.  We are opening to autumn.

I am back to the circle that I drew on Grow,  tracing the edge of the round glass table it sits on.  Maybe it just defined my current reach.  Now red, like a ring of fire.

Home Stretch

Stitching from right to left, 2 strands of some old variegated red floss, split back stitch, pressed into the cloth as I am going (video on Instagram).  I stitched and stitched, spinning the cloth counter clockwise,  finally meeting myself round the bend.  I lost my sense of direction for a while.  The red line goes through bit I haven't looked yet.

Feels good here

Now back to the center.  Marker dots.  Seeds I was thinking, which could become anythings.


  1. Patricia Jacobs

    Love your process and ideas. I went back and watched quite a few of your videos and now I want to wash up some linen and follow along with needle and thread! Thanks for all the inspiration 😊

  2. debgorr

    Red for a ring of fire…so appropriate. We had to keep the children inside yesterday because of air quality and it hit 99 F, the record high here. I am hoping to start some seeds for fall crops today, but maybe inside. Thinking about reach.

    • jude

      Yeah, fall crops, started some greens yesterday. And some late tomatoes volunteered and with the heat have already shown signs of fruiting. Totally unexpected.

  3. Dakotah

    Each year I hear the crows announce the end of summer, usually in the middle of July. This year I heard them at night, which is unusual.

    I don’t know what to say about the quilt magic…just in awe I guess. 💙💟

  4. Sharon Koch

    love how circles are never ending. and the seeds you’ve sown in all of our lives just keep going ‘n growing………. x

  5. I like the choice of red for this. Ring of Fire. It’s hard to feel the humidity, get a sense of that, but the amount of green always amazes me…and that little orb of light 🙂

    • jude

      I took the pic through the window. I think orbs live there.
      I can never find enough icky words for humidity. At least it is not smoke

  6. Jana

    A place to rest in the heart of a seed star. The old variegated red floss is doing a beautiful job of holding the orbiting circumference. These sharings, yours and all the comments, are a morning touchstone. Grateful!

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