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Considering Form

Yesterday's Heart  was so Sure

a piece in the ever growing Sanity series that suddenly came together just yesterday.

I went back to find a loose note to self I remember so clearly.  But I can never find exactly where it is kept.

So I wrote it down again.

Because I am right here, today, chasing it in a new way and also trying to redefine how heart is slowly becoming a personal symbol apart from the mainstream sugar. And how much I need that to go on.


  1. Acey

    regarding you re-thinking the heart symbol : a non-denominational holiday miracle!

    my work is indeed done … so obvi, you get my last recorded comment, ever.

      • Michael Leunig’s cartoon for August is of a bemused man sitting in the middle of a bare room reading ‘Reclutter Your Life And Be Happy Again’
        baggage seems to accumulate when I don’t pay enough attention to what I’m doing or saying or writing… what I was trying to say is
        Love your stripping back the excess of form into Sanity…

  2. Sharon Koch

    the transparent layers ‘n gauziness of the stitched-together heart reminds of on-going healing for the soul. the tenderness ‘n patience that is needed. this heart feels light, as tho it’s sailing away… x

  3. Remembering your ‘whispering hearts’ class (my first with you) and those nine hearts made and the reason one became ripped in half. Reading the comments and thinking how perhaps some are “strong” or “resilient..endures many challenges and hurts”…and how some are just tattered. But, do appreciate your lack of sugar. That’s how I like mine best. xo

  4. Joanne in Maine

    I Always Always loved to see the black thread one white. It reminds me of pencil drawings. And Sanity. I remember a very cold Winter when you had begun Sanity and the Pages. And I worked along with you- only quietly not commenting.
    I am reminded of how much that quiet stitching meant to me that winter. A belated- Thank You

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