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The Sanity of…

A Deeper Place

personal space become place

I have been in this Frame of Mind,  working on this one for a long slow while.

And slow rose up in my mind this morning, as a word, as a a concept, as the buzzword.

Maybe slow is not about speed.  Many times things catch on because they are easy, or they are an excuse rather than an idea.   Like ragged edge, boro, turns into an excuse not to turn the edge rather than  the many other things it might be appreciated for.  Maybe slow is not about  speed but about depth.

I am building this Deeper Place and it is deep enough already to hold me for a while, out of sight,  in restful yet deliberate going.

Yes, there is such a thing as too much rain...


  1. Helen Lee

    Ah…slow is my normal setting. It was difficult growing up with an exceptionally speedy father, I have gratefully sunk into slow in the years since leaving home.

    This piece is like swimming in a dream.

  2. Vi

    When life doesn’t overwhelm and niggling fears don’t make one rush things….that’s when Slow , is such a natural feeling. Enjoying the presence and vibrancy of each thing…with delightful “Slowness” which feels cherished.
    How generous you are Jude, with all you share and teach…thank you.

  3. Even after enlarging the photo, I still can’t figure out if the center id really 3-D or if it just looks like it. I’m not sure which intrigues me more.

    I like your definition. That might include experience or involvement, which were what I often thought about with slow stitching, but is more than just that.

  4. This struck me today as the most beautiful of any of your pieces I’ve seen. Soft, soft surround, silky blue anchoring square, leading the eye to the central eye. Passing through which is the Beyond. A portal. Moving from the created into the uncreated.

  5. Oh my gosh the dimension of this one! Falling in and considering are the most appropriate responses!
    Perhaps redefining is your way to enjoy language. Over here we make up words of change particular letters in words 🙂

  6. cednie

    there is something speedy about excuses, isn’t there… I am slowly adapting to a slower pace, repetition, simplicity… all these deep things. thanks for your guidance.

  7. Thank you, Jude. By thinking of “slow” simply as a lack of speed, I am keeping myself in the mindset of the dominant culture with its idolization of speed, efficiency, etc. Looking at “slow” as “depth” takes me to a much wiser (deeper!) place. Much to ponder!

  8. Jen NyBlom

    “Slow” lets you delve beneath the surface…but, ach! poor lil stick bug 🙁
    (and that cloth has the amazing quality of DEPTH to it…like one could just fall in….(again, poor lil bug)
    Compassion, the world needs more of it.

  9. janstevenson

    we have been working on Depth for so long. today I am thinking of depth in all directions. the incremental nature of that. Ease and gentleness might ‘catch on’ but only with awareness of how and why, I think.

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