jude hill spirit cloth

In between rain storms

Cicada,  season is changing

I went to hang Heal outside.

I ended up with many questions.

Is this a hickory nut?

I really need to learn my trees

Are these hickory leave?

I hope these are edible, they are everywhere.

Are these edible?

Heal in July

Heal outside

The cloth only needs a bit more quilting.  This one was composed by one side developing in sympathy with another.  A layered peace resulted.  Still light enough to see through.  I see those floating square patches.  I will bring them through with stitch somehow.


  1. Deb VZ

    “Heal” – what an apt name for this beautiful quilt. I just needed a moment of quiet in the midst of a stressful week so I came here and rested my eyes on your gorgeous photos. As others have said, I can only imagine the comfort it provides when wrapped within it.

  2. Vicki Fitzgibbon

    1st photo Jude, same pegs, same bugs as here in Aus
    I’d call that a cicada shell
    Noisy buggers all summer!
    Love them!
    Means summer has arrived
    Cold and very windy here now

  3. Healing means the world here.

    Granddaughter has the virus. I helped dry her hair after she showered here on Monday. UK ‘Freedom Day’ and the ironic end to restrictions! She became so poorly soon after. Happily Eden is recovering, while we isolate and test.

    Grateful for the healing of my broken arm, so I can lose myself in stitch, hopefully not Nero fashion!

    Your beauteous ‘heal’ cloth makes three times for the win!

    I only know the ”Dickory Dock” kind of Hickory. I wonder if they are connected?

    • jude

      There is never a shortage in the need for healing. It is all that life is from one perpective, until it isn’t. I go to bed counting the ways.

      And good question!

  4. Hilde

    earth* wind *fire *water* circle *square*movement* stillness.It’s all there Centred. Heal. Just perfect. Thank you for sharing the process.

  5. Wendy

    Such restfulness seeps out from this quilt. My mind seems to pause and rest every single time I see it. Oh to be able to snuggle under the weight and healing properties of this quilt. It has rained here every day but two this month. Some just gentle afternoon showers and others a deluge of water, high winds, thunder and lightning. My yard is so wet it no longer drains efficiently and is a soggy mess. The grass has not been cut since the middle of June and is very high, but too wet to cut. My crepe myrtle is in full and glorious bloom though😍

  6. Sharon Koch

    the thinness ‘n transparency speak like a soft breeze. your cloth always looks at home outside, floating in mid-air, on a clothesline. x

  7. Jen NyBlom

    Yes, seasons’ change…and yes, hickory nut/leaves…That quilt!!! It’s like the plan all along was for this moment in time, to hang there in sympathy with that environment. So heartening!
    (& So green!—the monsoon has abated here for a few…until next round, ha

    but pouring rain is better than raging wildfire, I keep telling myself…

    Back to my purple stitching.

    (And, I too, have too many questions, sigh)

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