jude hill spirit cloth

Season and Healing

Early this morning. A photo.

Just finished stitching the last square.

on the edge of Heal

New seasons are upon us.

I wonder how they will become for us.

just a blanket

Heal.  A quilt on the wall is one thing,  but up close you are in it somehow. And that is what it is for.  How joyously soft this seems to me now, like once upon a time when nine was not even a memory.  A field of loose puzzle pieces.  Once upon a time when there was no puzzle and it was simply time to rest.  And then continue.


  1. Such a gift to yourself, and, in your sharing of the making, to us. Just this morning, making the bed with a couple of quilts, thinking how much comfort and self-care they give…how they hold pieces of my time, story and self.

  2. Sharon Koch

    this reminds me that in life, puzzle pieces can fit together more than one way. they hover, waiting to be perceived by eyes that see. love zooming in on your pics. feels like i’m there, touching the cloth, experiencing it. x

  3. victoria

    I love those single patches flung down some lined up and others slightly askew. Sort of like “the best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft a-gley”.

  4. Judy

    Like Paula, I too am filled with wonder by your work and that you share it with us. Yesterday as I was experiencing yet another migraine aura and as I was looking at the resulting distorted images, it occured to me that you see patterns where many of us (I) don’t and what a gift that is. Yesterday I came across a very old inner comforter that had been my adult daughter’s when she was little and that last summer I began sewing random patches on (a la Jude) to cover the stains before I made another outer shell. In finding it again I realized that I love these odd little random fabric patches so I’m going to continue covering the stains and little worn out spots in that way! No outer shell. And to pick up on the other thread…the earth healing itself by ridding itself of us…I think you have something there. We have a blue-green algae advisory on our lake…Now there’s a message.

    • jude

      we all see things that others do not. How to explain them, I had to talk to myself in my own language for a long time.

  5. Marti

    Last photo of your quilt, lower edge, the red spheres, looking to me like New Mexico Chile peppers…and I think of not having land for a garden, of now at this time in our lives of only having planted pots…of how the wild storm and hail at the end of May decimated our tomatoes, shocked and tore our one heirloom Chile pepper in half, sheared my Dragon Heart coleus and yet…

    We have enjoyed a few patio tomatoes as has the very large tomato worm that we found this weekend…
    We have three 3″ Big Jim Chile peppers growing from the “hurt” Chile pepper plant; they may never get to be Chile Relleno size but just to see them all 3″ of them is a joy…
    How the sheared Dragon Heart coleus has given me three new plants that are now potted: the torn stems, rooted in jars with water until the roots were long enough to replant, three plants: two with the deep burgundy and green foliage and one with lighter green and burgundy leaves kissed in places with some yellow color as if shafts of sunlight adorn these new plantings that rose from destruction….

    How when things seem to be gone, there is always that spark of coming back to life…
    How when there are times that I despair, I know to sit quietly, to wait, to let life settle for it always does, not with huge fanfare but with quiet just goings to balance my life.

  6. Paula

    I have always been filled with wonder by your work/craft/art and how you share it with us – it always broadens my horizon and helps me see how we can start with very little and then by some miracle there is more and it captures my imagination or my thinking or my willingness to indulge in hope. Sometimes we are the destroyers, but like the earth we live upon, sometimes we are the new growth rising from the destruction – hopefully having learned the lessons taught by destruction.

    • jude

      honestly it has all become quite organic, and the compost of old selves is nourishing the process…
      And I learn to be hopeful through that realization.

  7. snicklefritzin43

    Healing wiwth every stitch…just following the stitches as they move across the cloth..fresh, healing stitches.

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