jude hill spirit cloth

Center can be anywhere it’s needed…

a very slow version of split backstitch with a single strand of floss, I call it splitting hairs

Yesterday... it was a moon.  Today it became a sunWhat if that makes it both?

I'm splitting hairs....  splitting hairs

It's raining.  And I need it.  Sun.  And I am thinking about sun. And I went back to look at some old sun storming.

Sun-storming from Sun Moon Stars  warmth, sunrise/sunset, daytime, sundial, radiance, center, rays, yellow, sunshine makes me happy, what's new under the sun, solar energy, shadow, sky, life, constant

I'm focused on the Center aspect and then I was thinking how center is not always a middle but a balancing point.  And how that is true of composition as well, in my head.

It might be nice to stitch this, just like it is.And storming is not always words.

And why am I so interested in image?

Because more than often there are no words.

Yet. Each is a seed for the other. Seeds.

A rainy day is a good day for considering sun.  Off I go then.


  1. cednie

    A single thread of embroidery floss – I was so reluctant to try it. I think I thought it wouldn’t show up (although I can clearly see that it does in your work). Once I tried it, I had to admit it was magical. And it takes forever. Still not quite accepting the time it takes, I’m still in a rush…but I’m getting slower!

    • jude

      it’s swell to be in it, like being the thread that weaves a cloth. You get to know the thread and what it might become.

  2. Kirsten

    Looks like 🌘 eclipse over the ☀️ so both .
    We all have dual personalities like it or not hiw much it is worked so it is both the ying yang.bright like a shining look at me🌟🌞 come on over chat me up 🥳.
    Other hide in plain 👀🌚.
    Let me be as l go throughout my day doing what l to get going or done .
    🥰😷😇👍Rock On💚🙏💜🧵📍✂️

  3. Valerianna Claff

    Brainstorming… just thought about the second half of that word for the first time reading your post… storming, ha, because, indeed, the storms bring forth the seeds?

  4. debgorr

    Really love that idea about center, just step over a bit…. We are swinging back and forth between sunshine and rain, often in the same day. My favorite kind of weather, although it makes the grass grow really fast. P.S. I see the recipe.

  5. snicklefritzin43

    I have begun to use my sketchbooks much more often as I trod along with you all these years….having a sketch to look back at even when the stitching has taken off on a life of its own, does provide some inspiration. Love split stitch! I could just go on for hours with it and the results are so often a surprise.

  6. Helen Lee

    As a teenager, I used to have split ends, and if I was tired, I’d sit and split them right up the shaft…so bad for the hair 😉 I much prefer your version…and I have loved this stitch since you first introduced me to it so many years ago. It was such an important moment.
    After three days of mostly thick mist and/or rain we have brilliant sunshine today 🙌🌞 Sending some over to you 🌞

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