jude hill spirit cloth

Cloth 4 Cloth

One old cloth over HEAL

And so it comes to pass...the process and resulting language system begins to ring true. The Extended Nine Patch here emerged through process of combining selves..

A cloth I am calling The Spirit Of Becoming pinned over a big cloth I call Heal.

I continue here, building, because I need evidence. Even if it never proves anything to anyone else.  Anyway, today's unedited (always) stream of consciousness:



  1. do I remember that old cloth? it’s a beautiful thing. btw, that little cloth you sent in winter was the first thing hung in my new place. and now it’s June and…strawberries!

  2. Jen NyBlom

    I can imagine how this must feel under the fingertips.
    So soft, yet so substantial.

    Funny how things are never “quite” finished……..

    My hubby would chuckle, back in the day when I was doing a lot of painting:
    Even when I had signed the work, if it still sat on the easel, I would wander over and add another dab of paint, here or there…

    • jude

      my father used to get annoyed that I never finished my drawings, but the unfinished is a component too, of the “bigger ” work.

  3. Sandra

    Thanks, Arlee, for mentioning the pillar of gold…I saw it and liked it, and then your mention caused me to go back and study it more. I really like this quilt, so interesting and inventive. (“It is only done when you are too tired to carry on”.).. I say it is only done for the moment and then you go back and invent some more. Valerianna, thanks for mentioning the little face..then I could go back and study it, too…there are so many stories in this piece…Jude, it is fascinating!.

  4. These blues of so long ago, that I so associate with you…a step back in time. And the active flow across the center really caught my eye, along with the upper right square of birds 🙂 So many stitches over time.

  5. JoAnn

    Reading the journals and stories of Emily Carr. She appears to have thought of painting and writing the same way you think about your art. She is a delightful read, especially her later years.

  6. The components become a piece and the pieces become components of something bigger, ad infinitum. No wonder nothing ever feels finished. It never is. (It feels like a lot of threads from various places are coming together for me right now.)

  7. “When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.” -Meister Eckhardt

    Beautiful “old” piece. The first post I ever read on your blog was about the feather project. Your description of your process brought tears to my eyes. I felt some of that here. Sometimes we need one another to witness our process (and sometimes we don’t). The woven strips of connection between you and the readers here makes its own kind of creation.

  8. Kim

    You can be Queen anytime you want. You have so much to offer and I know I’m not the only one that’s grateful to receive. Your majesty😃

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