jude hill spirit cloth

To become

we become what we cannot know

To become what?   What if we just let go?

To envision is not really an end. But a way. To keep moving.

While I move through this one,  with a bit of Liquid AppliqueFreedom is resting on Heal.

I want to let this rest here for a long time.

Again, it seems to belong there.  I drew some lines. While remembering many Small Journeys that brought me here.


  1. Els

    Ahhhh, I saw that butterfly yesterday next to the (hairsplitting) corona-sun . . . such a rich and delicately thin rose over it now !
    (like Cinderella, the moth has become a butterfly !!!)

  2. Hilde

    “we become what we cannot know”… never thought about that. It is quite different from: we cannot know what we’ll become. And now i have this image of the caterpillar being busy “becoming”.Hmm, need a coffee…and need to have a look at it through the looking glass

  3. The feel of this is changing so much. There seems to be more joy. Interesting to watch. I love how the stitches are visible under the silk flower. Still moving through under the surface.

  4. Jen NyBlom

    such delicate silk and silken thoughts, like a careless breeze blowing rose petals on a summer’s morn…
    and I see your winged self is wearing her crown! (maybe “antennae”–but looks like a crown to me!)
    (I have GOT to find some thinnnnn silk, Oo la la!)

    • jude

      this silk is so fragile when it is chiffon like this. Snags easily and is not suitable for anything “useful” , still it is like water.

  5. debgorr

    Laughing…I just titled a post “make it visible.” It might be this time of year? Or maybe just this time. Roses…I am finding roses everywhere. 🙂

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