jude hill spirit cloth


on the edge of summer

lupine celebrating morning dew

there has been a surge of growth. Greens for dinner tonight.

new madder from seed

a sunflower, never give up

moss grows on the deck and soul-0 has very green eyes

green all around me but these are the last of the green squares. You can find my piecing methods  in the patchwork section of the Methods Index...

The cloth I call Grow.

Yesterday's Green.  Everything. How can it not be about green in these days?  I think I will take the summer off from writing here.  Just go with pictures and talking.  There is enough writing going on elsewhere.   I did a bit of green storming today, you know, thoughts that arise with the word green.  They weren't surprising.



  1. Valerianna Claff

    I like seeing all the photos and voice-journaling, in a way. Nice that Soul-O stays close, and, yeah, ticks, oy.

  2. Dakotah

    Soulo has soft green eyes a lot like my oldest cat.
    That blue circle line in the diamonds might be nice continued.
    90s here soon. Ugh.

  3. Carolyn Leach-Paholski

    Oh I feel that green like a vitamin pill to the eyes – we have been all tawny brown and stained glass down in the Antipodes. Now mostly the leaves are gone so your green is good for me.

  4. Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney … children’s book based on a true story of a woman who planted lupines for decades all over her home town as a gift to the citizens. One of my favorite books. I’ve never seen one in person, so it was fun to see the leaves. I love all of the greens in this post – eyes, leaves, cloth, moss, grass, trees … and Kermit.

  5. Here, it is green and and already getting dry. Since we don’t waste water on the lawn, it’s starting to turn brown. If we get the promised rain this week, it’ll help, but all my garden needs to be watered regularly. For all that I heard what a paradise the PNW is for gardens, I’ve not been able to grow things as easily as I could in NY, PA & VA. Except trees!! LOL Even my lilacs became beautiful trees here, and my maple trees seed prolifically. Except for the lawn, it’s wonderfully green here.

    • jude

      Will be hot and dry this week, we have not mowed yet, because of the wildflowers, stays wetter longer. But it is tick season so soon, grass is more than a foot high.

    • debgorr

      What gets lost in the PNW reputation for green-ness and gardening is that there is actually a drought season. By September rain is my favorite thing! 🙂

    • jude

      Ha! It’s actually where some paper tore off from the paper board, it’s an old book cover, I use it as a lap board

  6. Yes, jungle…what we call our table of houseplants 🙂 The new line of green trees outside our living room is so brilliant, so filled with sunlight and wind, they wiggle and dance so often and tint our world green! Love your cloth greens.

  7. debgorr

    Jungle happening here. How is it that grass grows so fast? Need to move my madder out of the pot it is in to something larger. Also…Green Sleeves.

  8. Jen NyBlom

    GREEN!! It is verrrrry g.r.e.e.n. here also!
    I’m working with green cloth and green plants…
    green—just such a hopeful color, don’t you think?
    (year 2 for my madder–and my indigo reseeded itself! wheeeee!)

  9. Marti

    Green for hope, for growth, for mellowness, for healing, for nourishment. It doesn’t take much to grow a few greens to make a meal. I no longer have land for a garden but I do have planters and pots and in my 22” by 6″ planter, I am growing enough rainbow chard to feed us. We had a fine meal of chard last night, sauteed with garlic, red pepper flakes and olive oil, sometimes I add shallots, other times green onions, this is my favorite way to cook all of my greens. Last night we added shrimp to the chard and served it with a bowl of brown rice, laced with toasted sesame oil. Hit all of the fine points of dining, pleasing to the eye because we eat with our eyes first, texture, aroma and most of all, taste. We felt like we were eating the earth and sea and it was a fine sensory meal…

  10. snicklefritzin43

    Thank you for the recording…Green thoughts had me looking out through the open window to all the new growth – particularly the weeds which seem to have the fastest growing energy of all. My little haven is filled now with so much birdsong and green always says birds to me. Spring, yes, it is my true awakening season. Love all your photos and the nine patch shouts welcome spring to me.

  11. Joelle Baum

    Chickens will annihilate ticks!
    To keep chickens safe, I have seen “chicken tractors”. They have secure top and sides with the floor open to grass. There is a wheel system, so you can move it about your property.

    • jude

      Yes, I have heard of that, the wild turkeys eat them too. We really haven’t had a problem here yet, just cautious. It’s the woods really.

  12. cednie

    “life…salad” word association made me laugh. It’s not so hot here in Maine thank goodness. My garden is coming along nicely and GREEN is the word for sure. Take it easy!

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