jude hill spirit cloth


G. G is for green and yes there is more and more Green. And G is for Gross, the humidity and heat that is.  But G is also, suddenly, for Goodness Gracious, Love in the Mist comes in colors!


Grow is on the table.  I am not measuring, just eyeballing, and now drawing a circle.

this cloth looks less green than it is in this morning light. Still using up my sharpies form years ago.

The circle is drawn.  measure

G is for the page I made for Grow that needs attention.

And G is for the Glossary I added to the Menu in the sidebar.  language


  1. back again (of course) to add that your title “G” brought to mind James Taylor’s “Suite for 20 G” … I never did figure out the title, but I do love the song

  2. I trust my stitching hand/eye coordination more than than my drawing hand/eye … which is why I use erasable marker since my needle second guesses the lines that I draw … that said, I enjoy drawing and lettering much more than I did in the past, thanks in large part to the encouragement I’ve gotten from you and the Kindred Spirits

    • Yvonne

      The uniqueness in the hand drawn is always more appealing.
      Never was one for measuring either, which is why I was never into dressmaking, all that faffing takes the fun out of the fabric and stitch appeal and risk of getting it wrong.

  3. Vicki Fitzgibbon

    Good Morning Jude! There is Black Seed tea and an oil that it is said..”will cure everything but death” and the contents label says Nigella seeds. I first bought it in Abu Dhabi and after much searching found it here in Australia at one bulk foods shop and also at an Indian Grocery. Very tasty it is and I’m sure it does me good! I keep meaning to plant a few of the seeds to see if they’ll Grow

  4. Sharon Koch

    g is for generous and grateful. i feel those things in this garden you’ve cultivated here. flowers always seem to be celebrating. especially the wild ones. x

  5. Gosh, I love coming here! So, G is for Gosh! Those flowers are so light, feathery, beautiful…as is the lightness in the center of Grow. Wondering what will happen next with the circle being.

  6. Kim

    The colours of love in a mist are similar to the colours of bachelor buttons. But the love in a mist also has such interesting seed pods.

  7. Jen NyBlom

    It’s cool to see how you are growing “Grow”…and I was going to try some nigella this year and somehow didn’t get to it HA HA!
    Soooo very humid here too, but hey–it’s the deep south; & it’s expected! but; whew!

  8. snicklefritzin43

    The Love in the Mist is so very amazingly beautiful…and the color variations are to me, also, quite the surprise. I have only grown shades of blues. Freehand drawing, especially of geometric shapes is, for me also, such a good thing. I leave the geometric tools to my engineer brothers. If imperfection exists, well, it is just showing how my hand eye team works, and that is okay by me as well.

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