jude hill spirit cloth


Seeds.  That what I needs. Even if they are weeds.

Dot by dot. And it's really too hot.  For anything else.


  1. Pam S.

    My favorite treat to stay cool is eating frozen red grapes 😋 🌞Hot and very dry here!
    Loving your green quilt with seed dots! 💚

  2. Wendy

    I love the idea of stitching seeds into the cloth, many ideas start as an seed that sprouts and then grows. It is hot and muggy here with thunderstorms again today. Stay cool where you are.

  3. Yes, the son in MA & his in-laws of CT told of the heat in those places when we talked yesterday…and we are cool here at 60 degrees. They have a kiddie pool for baby grandson, perhaps you should too!! 🙂 Stay cool baby.

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