jude hill spirit cloth

For the Moment


  1. I particularly like this piece, too. The added cloth on the moon seems to give it depth and I love how it seems to have a shimmering reflection below the weave/stitch blend.

  2. Valerianna Claff

    I’m really liking coming here for a quick moment of listening to your process. The voice blogging, is a nice break from all the reading online. I’m repeating myself from yesterday, but a bit of a different tangent. 🙂

  3. cednie

    I did my first skitch skatch and ghosting on a piece recently. It worked great to blend the edges of a scrap into the background. Now I’m seeing more opportunities for that. I enjoyed Considering Weave, but I got to a certain point where I needed a break before I could absorb more. I’m very interested in what you’re doing to this piece! We had thunder, lightning and lots of rain last night too. I’m so grateful for the plant watering we received.

  4. When I first looked, this cloth reminded me of the ‘tee pee’ cloth from you 🙂 I think it’s the weave along the bottom. That sounds like a lot of wet! Everything is so dry here. But, I did get to hear thunder when talking with son in MA yesterday 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, I love this. Had to look closely to see the cross-over places btw weave and stitch. That was a fun class. I recently came across the sampler I made.

  6. Rhelda

    yes, for the moment, it’s very humid here. it actually feels like August! lots of rain yesterday/evening. thunder and lightning. love those types of storms! i feel lucky that we have water. my thoughts are with those that are in drought. i cherish the green that surrounds me…i have been an admirer and follower of yours for more years than I can remember 🙂 so relaxing, yet inquisitive, which is just how my brain works! thank you for your constant inspiration Jude. try to stay relatively dry and cool.

    • jude

      Hey Rhelda! Such a long slow journey, right?
      I do appreciate the water here. Humidity brings out the bitch in me, but there are worse things! Ha.

  7. Kim

    We need rain so badly here in Wisconsin! We’re in drought conditions with no rain in sight. Filling up bird baths and little critter drinking dishes constantly. Love the stitched “weave”. Going to try this. Signing up for free enough right now.

    • jude

      It is so wet here right now, mushrooms are growing on the porch ceiling. I am hoping we dry out soon, long enough for a few deep breaths.
      Considering weave is an old workshop now open for a work on your own type thing. But I am considering continuing with the weave thing in a bigger way.

  8. Jen NyBlom

    Ah, yes—I see the segue from image to image. <3

    In Summertime, rain never cools things off here…ha!
    It's been VERY HUMID, but not quite 90 yet…(most days becuz of coastal breeze)

    I am really in awe of this piece…it SPEAKS…
    –love the changing of the mind 😀
    (& yes, what were we thinking before we changed our minds— i love looking/listening back to your thoughts before!)

    Stay cool xoxo

    • jude

      maybe it is the heat and humidity but mostly everything I know about myself is melting into what I think I might learn.

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