jude hill spirit cloth

time lines

Yesterday was humid. We are climbing again toward record heat. I had some stomach bug and it wasn't pretty.

water droplets are inspiring

The nasturtiums are ok. They will grow here. And look at that soil, compost. Yay.

an attempt to begin making lost in space into placeIt was just a stray emotion.   Destined to be a loose stitched patch. But I kept going.   Something like how we see things, how that might change.  Over time.  How we see things might even change our sense of time.   I love how the contrasting seam here becomes a line of stars.  A sense of overall order in space.  Creating a sense of order is like home-making.  I ended up with a sense of calm about time and space and I don't want to disturb it by adding anything else.  It is light and right. I muttered to myself... to compose is to know enough.

patchwork as constellation. two threadcrumbs and a glennis moon, in pieces.


How vision might mark time.

Quietly resting in the shop.


  1. Those drops…how they are so still, for so very long. I remember posting one that I’d seen at work in the morning and it was still there hours later. Fascinating.These moons, a calming lesson in math…1/4 and 1/2, whole 🙂
    I do hope you’re feeling better by and by. xo

  2. Sharon Koch

    those tiny droplets, like eyes. composed, resting quietly. de-stressing. the value of seams and what seems… x

  3. cednie

    When I was young, I used to have some disdain for “order.” I thought I’d prefer to be ready for any kind of chaos. Now I know better and find a deep satisfaction in creating order. What a relief. You taught me the place of order in stitching. Makes sense.

  4. Jen NyBlom

    Hope your tummy feels happy again soon! Not nice to feel “under the weather”…we woke to RAIN this morning! (howz that for a segue!?) glorious rain (it’d been weeks)
    Love that droplet…a whole world in there.
    Trying to stitch this morning with a sore thumb, ugh.
    (Privileged to be here but damn, getting old stinks. HAH)
    Love that dark compost~ YAY!
    Is that tendril with the moons reaching for the heavens? 😉

    Be well. <3

  5. Just as an aside, did you know that June 3rd (today) is National Moonshine Day? I’d like to take some artistic license and move the context from prohibition liquor to light that is emitted by the moon.

  6. debgorr

    The image combination of drop of water on nasturtium leaf and the constellation are so perfect together. I like to remember we are all made of stars.

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